3 Class Reunion Letter Templates: Craft Perfect Invites

Here are three detailed templates for a class reunion letter, each tailored to suit different tones and styles:

Template 1: Formal and Elegant

Subject: Invitation to Our [Year] Class Reunion – A Night of Reminiscence

Dear [Name/Class of Year],

As the years have gracefully passed, it has been a journey of growth, experiences, and memories. In celebration of our shared past and the paths we have traversed since, we are thrilled to announce the [Year] Class Reunion of [School Name], scheduled for [Date] at [Venue], [Location]. This event promises an evening of elegance, nostalgia, and reconnection, set against the backdrop of our alma mater’s legacy.


  • Welcome Reception: A chance to mingle and reconnect with old friends and teachers.
  • Dinner and Memories: A sit-down dinner accompanied by a presentation of cherished memories and milestones.
  • A Walk Down Memory Lane: A tour of our updated school campus, highlighting the new and reminiscing the old.
  • Sharing Our Journeys: An opportunity for classmates to share their life’s highlights since graduation.

RSVP: Please confirm your attendance by [RSVP Date] at [Contact Information or RSVP Link].

In anticipation of our reunion, we encourage you to share any photos or memories you’d like to be included in our presentation to [Submission Email/Link].

Let us come together to celebrate our past, embrace our present, and look forward to our future. We eagerly await the chance to reunite with you and rekindle the spirit of our [School Name] family.

Warmest regards,

[Your Name] [Reunion Committee Contact Information]

Template 2: Casual and Friendly

Subject: Hey [Class of Year]! Ready for a Blast from the Past?

Hey [Name]!

Can you believe it’s been [Years] years since we threw our caps in the air? Well, it’s time to dust off those yearbooks and get ready for the [Year] Class Reunion of [School Name]! Mark your calendar for [Date] because we’re taking over [Venue] in [Location] for a night to remember.

What’s on the Agenda?

  • Kickoff Cocktail Hour: Grab a drink and catch up with the faces you’ve missed.
  • Buffet Dinner: Eat, laugh, and share stories around the table.
  • Photo Booth Fun: Capture the night with props and smiles.
  • Dance the Night Away: A DJ spinning our favorite hits from back in the day.

RSVP: Hit us up by [RSVP Date] at [Contact Information or RSVP Link] and let us know you’re coming!

Got any epic photos or memories you want to share? Send them over to [Submission Email/Link] and let’s make this reunion legendary.

Can’t wait to see how everyone’s been! Let’s make this reunion as unforgettable as our school days.


[Your Name] [Reunion Committee Contact Information]

Template 3: Reflective and Heartfelt

Subject: Reconnecting Hearts and Memories – [Year] Class Reunion

Dear [Name],

As time weaves its intricate tapestry, we find ourselves reflecting on the moments that have shaped us. It’s been [Years] years since our paths diverged from the halls of [School Name], and yet, the bond we share remains unbroken. We invite you to join us in rekindling these connections at our [Year] Class Reunion on [Date], held at [Venue] in [Location].

Evening Highlights:

  • Welcome Back Gathering: A moment to greet and embrace old friends.
  • Shared Supper: A communal meal to reminisce and celebrate our journey.
  • Memory Lane Showcase: A compilation of our shared history and individual achievements.
  • Circle of Reflection: A time to share, reflect, and look forward together.

RSVP: Kindly let us know your plans to attend by [RSVP Date] through [Contact Information or RSVP Link].

We also invite you to contribute any photos or stories you wish to share with our class to [Submission Email/Link], enriching our collective memory.

This reunion is not just a gathering but a celebration of our shared legacy and the diverse paths we’ve taken. Together, let’s revive the spirit of our youth and forge memories to cherish for years to come.

With heartfelt anticipation,

[Your Name] [Reunion Committee Contact Information]

Each template can be customized further to suit your specific needs and the unique personality of your class. Remember, the key to a successful class reunion letter is to evoke nostalgia, celebrate the present, and foster excitement for the reunion event.

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