3 Formal Complaint Against Coworker Templates: Speak Up Now

Below are three templates that you can customize based on the specifics of your situation. Each template is structured to help you communicate your concerns effectively, while maintaining a formal tone and adhering to professional standards.

Template 1: Direct and Concise Formal Complaint

Subject: Formal Complaint Regarding [Coworker’s Name]


To: [Supervisor/HR Department Name]

From: [Your Name and Position]

CC: [Relevant Individuals, if any]

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Introduction: I am writing to formally report concerns regarding the behavior of [Coworker’s Name], which is adversely affecting my ability to work productively and is creating an unprofessional environment.

Incident(s) Description: Provide a detailed account of the specific incidents that have occurred, including dates, locations, and any witnesses. Describe the behavior and why it is inappropriate or harmful.

  • Incident 1: [Date] – [Description]
  • Impact: Explain how this behavior has impacted your work or well-being.

Attempts to Resolve: Detail any attempts you have made to resolve the issue directly with the coworker or through informal channels, if applicable.

Requested Action: Specify the outcome you are seeking from HR or your supervisor, which could range from a formal review of the situation, mediation, to specific disciplinary actions against the coworker.

Conclusion: Reiterate your commitment to a professional workplace and express your hope for a swift resolution to maintain a positive work environment.

Signature: [Your Name]

Template 2: Detailed and Documented Formal Complaint

Subject Line: Request for Intervention: Unacceptable Behavior by [Coworker’s Name]


To: [Name of the HR Manager/Supervisor]

From: [Your Full Name and Job Title]

Introduction: This letter serves as a formal complaint against my coworker, [Coworker’s Name], due to ongoing issues that have not been resolved through informal discussions. These issues have negatively affected the workplace atmosphere and my personal job performance.

Background: Provide a brief overview of your working relationship with the coworker, including any relevant context that has led to the current situation.

Detailed Incidents: Chronologically list the incidents, providing clear descriptions, the context of each situation, and why the behavior is unacceptable. Include any supporting evidence, such as emails, witness statements, or documentation of the impact on work outcomes.

  • Incident 1: [Detailed Description]
  • Evidence: [Attachments or references to evidence]

Impact on Work: Discuss how the coworker’s behavior has affected your ability to perform your duties, your mental health, and the overall team dynamic.

Previous Attempts to Address the Issue: Mention any previous efforts to resolve the issues, including dates and outcomes of conversations with the coworker or supervisors.

Requested Action: Clearly state what actions you believe should be taken, whether it’s mediation, training, or other forms of intervention.

Conclusion: Emphasize the importance of a respectful and professional work environment and your willingness to cooperate with any investigation or resolution process.

Signature: [Your Name]

Template 3: Formal Complaint for Ongoing Issues

Subject: Persistent Workplace Issues Involving [Coworker’s Name]


To: [Department Head/HR Department]

From: [Your Name and Job Title]

CC: [Any relevant parties]

Introduction: I am compelled to submit a formal complaint concerning continuous problematic behavior exhibited by [Coworker’s Name], which has escalated despite informal efforts to address the matter.

Nature of the Complaint: Describe the behavior or actions of the coworker that are causing concern, including any patterns of harassment, discrimination, or unprofessional conduct. Be specific about how these actions violate company policies or workplace standards.

Chronology of Events: List the events in order, providing dates, specific descriptions of each incident, and the impact on your work environment. Highlight any attempts to address the issues informally and the outcomes of those attempts.

  • Event 1: [Description]
  • Response: [What was done following the event]

Effect on Workplace: Detail how the coworker’s actions have affected your job performance, emotional well-being, and the overall team morale.

Desired Resolution: Outline the steps you wish to see taken to resolve this issue, ensuring a safe and respectful workplace for all employees.

Closing Remarks: Express your hope for a fair and prompt resolution and your commitment to contributing to a positive working environment.

Signature: [Your Name]

When using any of these templates, it’s important to provide as much factual detail as possible and to avoid language that could be seen as overly emotional or subjective. 

Keep the focus on the facts, the impact of the behavior, and the desired outcome. Remember to review your organization’s policies on formal complaints to ensure your letter adheres to any specific requirements.

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