3 Friendly 30 Day Notice To Landlord Templates Unveiled

Below are three templates catering to different scenarios, each structured to maintain a positive tone and ensure clarity in communication.

Template 1: Standard 30-Day Notice

Subject: 30-Day Notice of Intent to Vacate

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

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I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to inform you of my decision to vacate the premises located at [Your Address], effective 30 days from the date of this notice. Accordingly, my expected move-out date will be [Date], as per our lease agreement’s requirements.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at your property and appreciate all the support and assistance you have provided during my tenancy. I intend to leave the apartment in the same condition as received, barring normal wear and tear, to ensure a smooth transition.

Please advise on the procedure for the final inspection and any specific move-out protocols you wish to be followed. Additionally, I request that my security deposit of $[Amount] be returned in full, provided there are no damages beyond normal wear and tear.

I will ensure that all utilities are transferred or canceled by the move-out date and that the property will be clean and empty for your next tenant. Kindly let me know a convenient time for you to conduct the final walkthrough.

Thank you once again for everything. I look forward to your guidance on the next steps.

Warm regards,

[Your Name]
[Your Contact Information]

Template 2: Notice with Forwarding Address

Subject: Notice of Lease Termination and Forwarding Address

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

I am writing to formally notify you of my intent to vacate the property at [Your Address] within the next 30 days, with my last day being [Date]. It has been a pleasure residing in your property, and I am grateful for the positive living environment you’ve maintained.

As required, I am providing my forwarding address for the return of my security deposit and any other important correspondence. My new address will be [Your New Address].

I plan to leave the property in excellent condition and will coordinate with you for any necessary inspections or procedures that need to be completed prior to my departure. Please let me know if there are specific cleaning guidelines or other expectations you would like me to follow.

I will arrange for all utility accounts to be settled by my move-out date and will provide access to the property for any viewings or inspections that you or potential new tenants may require.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. I look forward to ensuring a smooth and efficient move-out process.

Best regards,

[Your Name]
[Your Contact Information]
[Your New Address]

Template 3: Notice with Request for Walkthrough

Subject: 30-Day Notice of Vacating and Request for Pre-Move-Out Walkthrough

Dear [Landlord’s Name],

This letter serves as my formal 30-day notice of intent to vacate the property at [Your Address], with my anticipated move-out date being [Date]. I have appreciated the opportunity to call your property my home and wish to ensure a seamless transition upon my departure.

To facilitate this, I would like to request a pre-move-out walkthrough at your earliest convenience. This will allow us to discuss any potential concerns and ensure I meet all necessary conditions for the return of my security deposit.

I will make sure the property is in good order, adhering to the terms of our lease regarding its condition. I also plan to address any cleaning or repairs that are deemed necessary following our walkthrough.

Please let me know a few potential dates and times that work for you for the walkthrough. I am eager to work together to ensure the property is ready for its next occupants.

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for all the support during my tenancy. I look forward to hearing from you soon regarding the walkthrough schedule.


[Your Name]
[Your Contact Information]

When preparing your notice, customize these templates to fit your situation and relationship with your landlord. It’s also wise to review your lease agreement to ensure compliance with any specific requirements it outlines regarding notice to vacate.

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