3 Must-Use Complaint Emails for Terrible Service

Crafting an effective complaint email involves balancing dissatisfaction with professionalism, aiming to detail the issues, impacts, and desired resolutions constructively. Here, find three tailored templates designed for various scenarios.

Template 1: Poor Customer Service at a Store

Subject: Formal Complaint: Unsatisfactory Customer Service on [Date] at [Location]

Dear [Manager’s Name/Store Name Customer Service],

I am writing to express my profound dissatisfaction with the customer service I received at your [store/location] on [date]. Despite [Store Name]’s reputation for excellence, my experience was far from satisfactory.

Upon visiting your store, I encountered [specific issues – e.g., unhelpful staff, long wait times, misinformed employees]. Specifically, [describe the issue in detail, mentioning any staff members involved, if known, and how it impacted your visit]. This not only caused inconvenience but also resulted in [mention any additional consequences, e.g., wasted time, financial loss].

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I had expected a much higher standard of service based on your brand’s reputation. This experience has significantly affected my perception of [Store Name], and I am now hesitant to return or recommend your services to others.

To resolve this issue, I kindly request [specific action – e.g., a formal apology, training for staff, a refund, or compensation]. I believe this will not only rectify the situation for me but also prevent such incidents from occurring in the future, thus maintaining the high standard of customer service that [Store Name] is known for.

I look forward to your prompt response and a resolution to this matter. Please contact me at [your contact information] to discuss this further.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


[Your Name]

Template 2: Poor Service from an Online Vendor

Subject: Complaint Regarding Order #[Order Number]: Unacceptable Service Quality

Dear [Company Name Customer Support],

I am writing to formally complain about the poor service I received regarding my recent order ([Order Number]) placed on [Date]. The service level fell significantly below the quality I expect from a reputable company like [Company Name].

My complaints specifically pertain to [list the issues – e.g., delayed shipment, poor product quality, incorrect items sent, lack of communication from customer support]. Despite my attempts to resolve these issues through your customer support team, my experience was marked by [specific problems encountered with customer service, e.g., unresponsiveness, unhelpful responses, contradictory information].

This situation has caused me [describe any inconvenience or losses, e.g., missed deadlines, financial loss, significant inconvenience]. I had chosen [Company Name] because of your supposed commitment to customer satisfaction, yet my experience has been deeply disappointing.

As a resolution, I am seeking [state the resolution you want – e.g., full refund, replacement of the product, compensation]. This would not only address my current dissatisfaction but also demonstrate [Company Name]’s commitment to upholding its service standards.

I expect a prompt response to this email, ideally within [time frame], detailing the actions you will take to resolve this issue. You can reach me at [your contact information].

Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.


[Your Name]

Template 3: Poor Service at a Restaurant

Subject: Formal Complaint of Poor Service on [Date] at [Restaurant Name]

Dear [Restaurant Name Management/Customer Service],

I am compelled to write to you about the disappointing service my party and I received at your restaurant on [date]. Given [Restaurant Name]’s stellar reputation, our expectations were high, yet the service was remarkably poor.

Our main grievances include [list issues experienced, e.g., excessive wait times for a table despite a reservation, delayed food service, incorrect orders, unprofessional behavior from the staff]. In particular, [elaborate on any specific incident or issue that was most problematic, mentioning any staff involved if known]. This not only detracted from our dining experience but also [mention any specific consequences, e.g., caused embarrassment, ruined a special occasion].

We had looked forward to our meal at [Restaurant Name], but the service we received was unacceptable and not in keeping with the standards we anticipated.

To address this disappointing experience, I request [state your desired resolution – e.g., a refund for our meal, a complimentary meal to make amends, assurance of service improvement]. This gesture would go a long way in restoring our faith in [Restaurant Name].

I would appreciate a response to this email within [time frame], outlining how you intend to rectify this situation. Please contact me at [your contact information].

Thank you for your attention to this matter. I hope to see improvements that reflect the high standards [Restaurant Name] is known for.


[Your Name]

Each template is structured to highlight the issue, the impact of the service failure, and the resolution sought, while maintaining a respectful and professional tone throughout. Tailor these templates to fit the specifics of your situation for the most effective communication

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