3 Write Up for Bad Attitude Templates: Elevate Performance

Below are three unique templates that can be tailored to specific situations. Each template follows a structure that begins with identifying the issue, provides examples, impacts on the team or company, expectations for improvement, and concludes with the consequences of not meeting these expectations.

Template 1: Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for Attitude Correction

Subject: Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) – Attitude Correction

Introduction: Dear [Employee Name],

This letter serves as a formal notification regarding concerns about your attitude in the workplace. Our company values a positive, collaborative environment, and it has been observed that certain behaviors and attitudes displayed by you have not aligned with these values.

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Specific Concerns:

  • Instances of disrespectful behavior towards colleagues and management, noted on [dates].
  • Negative comments about work assignments and company policies, impacting team morale.
  • Resistance to feedback and lack of cooperation in team settings.

Expected Improvements:

  1. Demonstrate respect and professionalism in all interactions with colleagues and management.
  2. Constructively receive and apply feedback for personal and professional growth.
  3. Participate actively and positively in team meetings and collaborative projects.

Plan of Action:

  • Participation in communication and teamwork workshops.
  • Regular check-ins with your manager for the next [duration], to discuss progress and any ongoing concerns.
  • Implementation of feedback received during these check-ins.

Consequences: Failure to show significant improvement in the outlined areas within the stipulated timeframe may result in further disciplinary actions, up to and including termination.

Conclusion: We believe in your potential and value your contributions to the team. This plan is designed to support your professional development. Your cooperation and commitment to improvement are crucial during this period.

[Your Name]
[Your Position]

Template 2: Formal Warning for Negative Attitude

Subject: Formal Warning – Negative Attitude in the Workplace

Introduction: Dear [Employee Name],

This letter is a formal warning regarding observed behaviors and attitudes in the workplace that are contrary to the values and expectations of our organization.

Specific Concerns:

  • Repeated instances of negative remarks and cynicism about work-related projects and decisions.
  • Dismissive attitude towards colleagues’ suggestions and inputs during meetings.
  • Lack of engagement in team activities, contributing to a divisive team environment.

Impact on the Team: Your actions have contributed to a decrease in team cohesion and overall morale, affecting productivity and the workplace atmosphere.

Expectations for Improvement:

  1. Adopt a more positive and constructive approach to work and interactions with team members.
  2. Engage actively in team activities and demonstrate openness to others’ ideas.
  3. Show a willingness to address and adjust behaviors that negatively impact the team.

Consequences: Continued behaviors of this nature will result in further disciplinary action, which may include termination of employment.

Conclusion: We encourage you to take this warning seriously and make immediate improvements. We are committed to supporting you through this process and are available to discuss any support you may need.

[Your Name]
[Your Position]

Template 3: Notice of Behavioral Concerns and Expectations

Subject: Notice of Behavioral Concerns and Improvement Expectations

Introduction: Dear [Employee Name],

I am writing to address several concerns regarding your recent behavior in the workplace. It is important to address these issues promptly to maintain a respectful and productive work environment.

Specific Concerns:

  • Inappropriate comments and lack of professionalism in interactions with team members and clients.
  • Demonstrated reluctance to accept new tasks or adapt to changes within the team or organizational processes.
  • Visible frustration and negative body language in response to workplace challenges.

Expected Improvements:

  1. Professionalism and positive demeanor in all workplace interactions.
  2. Flexibility and adaptability to changes and new assignments.
  3. Constructive engagement with challenges, seeking solutions rather than focusing on problems.


  • A meeting will be scheduled in [timeframe] to discuss your progress and any obstacles you may be facing.
  • Continued monitoring of behavior and performance with documented feedback.

Consequences: Failure to address these concerns may lead to further disciplinary action, as per company policy.

Conclusion: Your success is important to us, and we are here to support your efforts to improve. We expect to see positive changes and are confident in your ability to return to the high standards expected of all employees.

[Your Name]
[Your Position]

These templates should be adjusted based on the specific circumstances and policies of your organization. It’s crucial to maintain a respectful tone and to provide clear examples and expectations to help guide the employee towards improvement

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