5 Things to Include on a Medical Assistant Resume

Filling the role of a medical assistant requires a wide range of duties from administrative to clinical duties. Knowing how to write an effective medical assistant resume will show prospective employers this range of skills. In order to display expertise as a medical assistant, these five items should be included.

1. Certifications 

Most medical assisting job openings require a medical assistance certification. Since medical assistants perform both administrative and clinical roles, any certificates an applicant holds in these areas should be included. 

Applicants should also include the name of certifying organizations as well as any state or national organization. Employers may look for a number of certifications or certification from one specific organization. Applicants should include any first aid certifications, such as CPR or AED, as well as any clerical certifications. 

2. Administrative Skills

Medical assistant resumes should include the applicant’s administrative clerical experience and skills. They are expected to be familiar with basic office machinery, computer software and medical records. Applicants should also have an understanding of medical terminology. 

Any skills or experience with electronic medical record software should be included as well. Medical assistants should also include skills such as answering telephone calls, scheduling appointments, bookkeeping, medical coding, typing and transcription. Any related skills or experience should be included here. 

3. Medical Skills 

Medical and administrative duties share the same importance in a medical assistant role. Applicants should include any and all medical background experience. 

Since an applicant’s medical experience can cover a wide range of responsibilities, they are advised to tailor their medical skills on their résumé towards what is necessary for the office or position they are applying for. 

Include such skills as taking patient vital signs, preparing patients for treatments, recording medical histories and basic first aid training.

4. Past Experience

Any medical assistant resume should include the applicant’s past experience in both the medical and clerical fields. Applicants should translate skills from past employment to the position they are responding to. 

Since medical practices will differ in many ways, this information is crucial to determining how an applicant will best fit into a new practice. This will also give employers and idea of what establishments applicants are familiar with. Medical applicants should include both medical and clerical employment. 

5. Education 

Employers like to know that applicants have been trained in their preferred fields. Medical assistant resumes should include any educational programs the applicant has completed or is currently enrolled in. 

Educational achievements are similar to listed certifications because employers will be able to see that an applicant completed a particular program and graduated. Medical assistants should always include the name and location of the schools and programs from which they graduated as well as the date of program completion. 

Knowing what to include in a résumé can be difficult. Anticipating an employer’s needs is crucial, and if any applicant is unsure of what to include they can always as a career counselor or a résumé writer for help. Including these items will greatly impress employers of any medical practice.

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