5 Tips for Hiring a Good Professional Resume Writer

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Some people would never dream of hiring a professional to create their resume, but would you try to fix a huge plumbing mess, or hire a professional plumber? 

Most people try to handle small things on their own, but a resume is the key to finding a great job, and that should never be something that little effort goes into. 

Resume writing services can give an individual a resume that looks professional and highlights qualification and skills. In fact, a resume that is well written can be the very thing that makes yours application stand out from others. 

Here are some tips on how to get a great resume writing company/person to do your resume.

1. Are They Certified?

The first thing to consider when selecting someone to write a resume is their certification status. 

Are they a certified professional resume writer, or just do it in their spare time? Anyone can write a resume, but is it a good resume that has statistics behind it?

There are some formats that work better than others, and there is some information that just doesn’t need to be on there. Those who are certified know what employers want which is your ticket to a new job. 

The certifications to look for are:

A. Certified Professional Writer
B. Certified Expert Writer
C. Master Writer
D. Nationally Certified Writer

2. Do They Have Good References and Finished Products?

The biggest mistake that people make before hiring a person or company is not getting samples. Look at previous work, is it good? Check references and make sure this person can follow through with deadlines. 

Don’t just say you’re going to check references and avoid the task, call and talk to these people and see how working with this person or company was.

3. How Many Years Have They Been In The Business?

It is completely acceptable to ask how many years this company or person has been writing resumes. If this person has been doing it for five years, and has a good portfolio, they would probably be okay.

You don’t have to have someone who has been doing it for 20 years, but you certainly don’t want someone doing it for two weeks either. 

You can get a good feel for experience by looking at a portfolio and checking references, but those who have been in business longer, will usually produce a better product.

4. Ask About Their Creative Processes!

Each person will have their own way for creating resumes. Ask the writer about their creative approach to creating this document. 

Quality is always better than speed. It may take two weeks to get a product from someone who invests a lot of time, but if it nets a better product in the end, it is worth it.

There should be plenty of one-on-one conversation with the writer so they are able to capture the essence of who you are. To deliver an accurate and marketable resume, you must spend some time with the writer. 

By finding out their process up front, you will be able to see how much thought and effort goes into their writings.

5. Is There A Guarantee?

Does this person or company offer any guarantees? Actually, every company should offer their customers some sort of guarantee. While they may not be willing to give a person their money back, they should at least fix the resume until it is satisfactory to the client.

A reputable company will offer that guarantee, but those who rush through their work and do a so, so job, are not usually quick to offer those assurances to their customers.

Finding the right resume writer is not something that can be done overnight. Remember, the job market is tough and getting tougher. Employers are looking for spelling and grammar errors and writing style on top of experience.

You can find out a lot about a person just by their resume. With the value that the employment world puts on the resume, it is worth paying a bit more and having someone creates a document you can be proud of. 

Having a resume that stands out from the rest is worth paying a hefty price; after all it could land you a great job.