7 Real Work-At-Home Jobs for Retirees

Most retirees today need to be self-sufficient and have enough money saved or in their retirement fund to pay for their living expenses until they die. 

However, this may not always be the case, and retirees are finding it necessary to continue to earn at least a portion of their expenses. 

Even if they have enough to live, they can save their retirement fund for later in life and earn while they are still able.

Along with earning an income, there are other benefits to working after retirement. Keeping mentally active has been shown to have a significant impact on the health and well being of anyone, especially the elderly. Retirees may also have a lot to offer society and want to continue to contribute.

Work At Home Scams

Retirees are sometimes the victims of work-at-home scams. These scams can be detected in two main ways, although there may be more subtle ways scams are perpetrated.

The first sign is an email received by the retiree that promises a high-paying job that they can do right in their own home.

The hook is the high amount of possible earnings. The second sign is a company offering an at-home job for an upfront fee. 

However, with a little care and research, retirees can find legitimate jobs online and earn supplemental income. The amount they earn may depend on their previous experience and other factors.

Here are seven real work-at-home jobs that retirees can do to earn extra money, stay connected to society and feel useful.

1. Customer Service Representative

Good customer service is essential for a business, because testimonials are all over the Internet and people will see if a business is not treating its customers fairly. This job requires an up-to-date PC with a high-speed Internet connection.

It also requires a dedicated landline, a good headset and a place to work with few distractions. 

There are many different aspects of this job, including troubleshooting, giving technical support, taking new orders, answering income calls, sending emails and chatting online. Most companies will give a paid training session.

2. Online Juror

The retiree will participate in a mock jury to give jury consultants and attorneys feedback on cases. There are online jury companies that give questionnaires to applicants to find a match for demographics. 

Contact is through email. The job entails reading documents, listening to audio transcripts, viewing presentations and answering questions. Participants are paid by case.

3. Online Assistant

Small business owners and executive-level professionals need personal assistants but may not have the cash to employ a full-time individual. 

The retiree will perform administrative tasks such as making travel arrangements, sending out letters and other services that can be handled by phone or email.

4. Tutor

Online tutoring is becoming a bid industry around the world. The main subjects that need to be taught are physics, math, science, world history and English. 

This is especially true for the millions of students who want to study in the U.S. or other English-speaking country.

The retiree will give one-on-one help to students to do their homework, prepare for exams or other things. Teaching qualifications are preferred, but not required.

5. Website Content Writer

This is one of the easiest jobs for retirees because it only requires a good grasp of English including spelling and grammar. It is recommended that they learn about search engine optimization and content marketing, so they have an idea of what most companies want in their website content.

The retiree is paid by the number of words in a particular document. This work is available 24/7, so the retiree can choose when and how much they want to work.

6. Online Editor

There are companies that offer documents that are written by students, technical writers and professional writers to be edited for spelling, grammar and content.

The retiree needs to have a professional grasp of English grammar, because this type of work is skilled. 

However, it pays more than a website content writer. The retiree can pick the documents they want to edit at a convenient time. The work is available 24/7.

7. Start A Blog

Blogging requires several different skill sets including creativity and energy. Bloggers can earn a few extra dollars for pocket money or more than their retirement income depending on the effort they are willing to give.

Most bloggers who make money are not making a living, but this may not be necessary for a retiree. 

It may take a few months or a year before a blog starts making money. There is no one-size-fits-all rule. Every blog makes money differently.

Some of the most common ways are:

• Advertising, including newsletters, text links, ad networks, RSS advertising and more
• Services, including consulting, training, design, freelancing and more
• Affiliate marketing including networks and individual programs
• Selling virtual products, including e-books, reports, courses, webinars and more
• Selling actual products, including merchandise, DVDs, books and more

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