8 Resume Tips for High School Students

If you’re a high school student with little to no work experience under your belt, writing a well-rounded resume, or curriculum vitae (CV), may seem a bit intimidating. It may be easier if you view other examples of student resumes or read helpful tips on what you need to specifically include.

It’s likely that you already have a great deal more information to include in your CV than you think. Although you may not have any formal previous work experience, it’s acceptable and also encouraged to list other kinds of work such as lawn care, babysitting, or even volunteer work. Also, you can list some of your personal and school activities as well.

Writing Tips For A Student Resume

Take a close at the following information about what to include in your qualifications and descriptions as well as how to get started on creating the ideal CV whether you have any work experience or not.

1. Create An Outline

Make a short list or summary of every potential experience to incorporate into your CV before you actually start writing out the descriptions.

2. Keep Your Content As Concise As Possible

Resumes don’t need to be longer than one page in most cases. Include your full name, personal contact information, various activities, and any work experience if you have it in addition to any skills you may have that are relative to the specific job that you’re applying for.

Also, for every item listed on your CV, create a bullet list of all your accomplishments and responsibilities.

3. List All Or Any Of Your Previous Or Current Work Experience

If you were formally employed, definitely include that information. However, if you’ve never had a formal job, you can certainly list any other tasks you’ve performed including odd jobs like shoveling snow, mowing lawns, pet sitting, babysitting, etc.

4. Include Both Your Personal And Scholastic Activities

Because the majority of high school students typically don’t have much experience in the work field, it then becomes more important to focus on other aspects of your life that illustrate you have the ideal personality, character, skills, and work ethics to succeed in a particular job.

Be sure to list any of your volunteer work, athletic pursuits, academics, and extracurricular activities as well. Also, if you held any kind of leadership positions concerning these roles, such as team captain or president of student council, make sure you include it.

5. Promote Your Performance And General Attitude

Actually, potential employers are more interested in your attitude overall and your general work habits, not necessarily how much work experience you have. 

For example, if you have an almost perfect attendance record or an award for punctuality, you can list that since it’s considered an achievement. Employers care about punctual employees.

Also, if any of your coaches, teachers, or supervisors has commended you for your outstanding service or your great attitude, be sure to mention that in your description as well.

6. Reveal All Your Achievements

Employers are seeking people who are known for making positive and helpful contributions. Therefore, you should review all of your past experiences to determine if there are any applicable achievements whether they pertain to sports, class, or clubs. 

Also, list any advanced challenging academic projects as well since they will inform potential employers that you’re a hard worker with an intelligent brain on your shoulders.

7. Use Several Action-Based Verbs

Be sure to use active language as you describe any of your experiences in order to express your skill base in a more dynamic manner. 

Use phrases in your descriptions using action-based verbs like trained, served, organized, calculated, led, edited, drafted, designed, created, researched, or wrote.

8. Proofread Your Work At Least Twice

It’s very important that you review your work very carefully before you finalize your CV for any grammatical or spelling errors. It’s best to let someone else proofread your draft as well, such as a teacher, your parents, or a guidance counselor.

Sample High School Resume

Madison McCarthy
444 Sunny Lane
Grand Detour, CA 93726
Phone: (584) 986-6314
Email: mmccarthy@gmail.com


Belmont High School
Grand Detour, CA
2012 – Present
GPA: 3.75


• Academic Honor Roll: 2012 – 2015
• National Honor Society: 2012, 2014, 2015


Junior Sales Associate, The Container Store
May 2013 – Present
• Restock and maintain inventory.
• In charge of training new associates to operate cash register and other store devices due to excellent track record.
• Outstanding customer service skills.

Child Care
2012 – Present
• Watch young children varying in age from 2 – 8 for three different families on weekends, after school, and on vacations from school.
• Create and implement educational and fun activities for young children.


Running to Heal Race
• Help marketing efforts through social media, help register participants, set up booths, and clean up after race.
Grand Detour Literacy Program
• Manage book club for children age 10 and under, which includes storytelling.


• Avid piano player for 6 years
• Member of Girl Scouts
• 2-year member of Grand Detour Tennis Team

This student resume is approximately a page long in length. Overall, one page is totally acceptable if you’re just getting started in the workforce. In time, your CV will likely turn into two pages as you gain more work experience.

However, if your CV is 3 pages long, it’s likely you’re including way too much information. Only list items that are absolutely essential and try to keep your CV as concise as possible. Two pages are plenty for most people when it comes to developing a well-written CV in general.

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