Accountant Termination Letter [Sample]

Learn how to write an accountant termination letter. Use our sample accountant termination letter as a template for your termination letter.

Accountant Termination Letter Sample

Larry Hughes
ABC Business
387 Charleston Avenue
Cherry Hill, NJ, 08085

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May 31, 2022

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Sonny Hill
232 Pine Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19004

RE: Termination of Accountancy Services

Dear Mr. Hill:

It has become necessary for my business to employ a larger accountancy firm. Since we have grown to include online sales, it has become apparent that we need eCommerce financial advice.

I have been very satisfied with the service I received from you, and this termination of services is in no way an expression of dissatisfaction. 

I have engaged Blue Lion Accounting to take over the financial accounts of my business and would appreciate it if you give all the information they require when they write to you within the next two weeks.

If you submit your final invoice at the end of this month as usual, I will pay it immediately. Thank you for all the assistance you provided while my business was just starting out. I wish you well in the future.


Larry Hughes