What are the Benefits of Temporary Car Insurance?

You can use temporary car insurance to insure a car or a driver between 1 and 28 days. 

This policy will provide you with comprehensive cover for you and the vehicle. Some temporary policies for car insurance can be extended during any 12 month period, up to a maximum of 112 days. 

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To obtain a temporary car insurance policy you must be over the age of 21. You must also be a motorist that has a valid license.


Temporary insurance for your car provides cover from a loss due to damage that is caused by accident, theft, vandalism and fire.

When damage occurs to a vehicle the policy coverage will pay for any repair, replacement of the car or a payment for actual cash value up to the loss amount. A payments from the policy is made directly to the owner of the vehicle.


The cost of temporary insurance for a car is typically less than having an additional driver added to your annual car insurance policy. 

You can compare the costs for temporary car insurance by obtaining multiple quotes. This allows you to pick and choose the best type of policy for the cost.


You can obtain temporary insurance for a car more quickly than an purchasing an annual car insurance policy. This is because less paperwork is involved to issue the policy. 

To obtain a quote for a policy all that you need is the registration number of the vehicle, payment for the policy and the ability to print a certificate of insurance.

No-Claims Discount

If you lend a vehicle to another person or are driving a car that is owned by a friend, you risk losing the no-claims discount on your annual insurance policy. This discount saves you money on your policy cost if you can maintain it. 

By obtaining a temporary insurance for a car you will not need to put this discount at risk. This is because this policy is separate from your annual car insurance policy.


Temporary insurance for a car can be purchased depending on how you plan to use a vehicle. This can be for an unplanned trip or a vacation. Coverage can be purchased that will meet your needs. 

A policy for this insurance is conveniently available by using the internet. This allows you to apply for a policy when at home or at the office.