Business Letter Example for a Company

Subject: Signing of Contracts

Dear Name of Contractor:

I was inquiring on the contracts that were sent to you by courier on May 2, 2019. As you know, the deadline is fast approaching to have these contracts signed and returned for processing. In order for this deal to go through without any problems, we need to ensure that the contracts and signed and returned to my office no later than May 27, 2019. 

Here at Sunny Financing, we are also considering a new deal on the Elm Park Plaza building that would involve the need for a new construction team. Since we have used your company in numerous jobs, we would like to give you the opportunity to bid on this job. We appreciate your work over the years and look forward to conducting more work with your company in the future. 

Can you please respond to me immediately regarding the pending contracts? I will alert the department who is expecting them. I await your quick response. If you have any questions, please feel free to call me at the office at 312-980-0988 or on my cell phone at 312-569-0983. 


Thomas Chin

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