Writing a Business Opportunity Letter [Free Sample]

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Writing a business opportunity letter is a great way to get new businesses and to let other businesses know what kind of services you offer. 

This letter is a chance to tell other companies what you have to offer and why they cannot live without your services.


The key is to make sure that you address this letter to the decision making party, rather than just a random piece of junk mail to be tossed aside. 

Because you are trying to drum up new business, you want to make sure this letter is perfect. Every word must be spelled correctly and the grammar must be accurate. 

The language used in this letter could be the difference between getting a new client and losing business. If the letter is written poorly, it could be of a great detriment to your company. 

Start the letter with the proper formatting including the date, address of the company and the person who has the authority to make decisions. 

Always use a formal name like Dr. Carrie Snyder and not an informal Dear Carrie. The reason behind this is you want to recognize their hard work and the accomplishment of their position.

Opening Paragraph

The opening paragraph needs to be captivating and let the readers know why they need your services. 

Choose the opening statement well because it could mean the difference in the letter being read and one that is put in the trash. 

It’s always good to start out telling people how they can save money. In these economic downtrodden times, savings is the first thing on many people’s mind.

Second Paragraph

The second paragraph of the business opportunity letter should allow business people to see the benefit in your services. 

Show them how your service can save them money and increase their business. Break it down into details how they cannot live without this product or service.

By bringing your company across as having a problem solving opportunity, you will get the reader’s attention and make them think about what you are offering. 

Another trick in writing a letter of this nature is to break it down into small paragraphs. People tend to not want to read a big long paragraph. Short paragraphs work best.

Be sure to include your companies’ qualifications. If your services require them to come to your office, describe how adequate and posh your facilities are. 

Talk about the employees that work there and how well trained they are. By giving a short background of the company and the quality staff members it makes the entire company seem more capable of doing what is said.

Sample Business Opportunity Letter

Champ Bailey
Lead Company
Polk Street
Oakland, CA, 94109

April 14, 2021

The Global Leads
12678 Lead Way
Cleveland, Ohio 45601
Attn: Terry Lewis

Dear Mr. Lewis,

Are you tired of spending the companies’ money trying to gather new leads each week? We know how hard it can be to make cold calls and come up with little to no interest. 

Like any growing business, you need solid leads to work from each week. Because you are a national advertising agency, you have a big opportunity to branch out and gain market share.

Lead Company has been helping companies like yours for over 20 years get the leads they need. 

We too are a nationwide company and can provide your business with good leads. This permits business to stop using ineffective methods that include cold calls.

Our leads are 100% generated from internet questionnaires that companies have responded too. 

These are potential customers who have specified they have a need of your type of services and want to hear from your company.

Our company has employees who have been here since the day we opened. Our workers are knowledgeable and are willing to go the extra mile for our clients. We don’t just hire anybody to handle our business.

We selected the best of the best to service our customers. At Lead Company, we understand that you’re not just a number and you will always get the best customer service around.

If you are tired of scrounging for leads for new business and need help, we are the ones to call. 

Our fresh leads and pulled right from the internet on a daily basis. Call today to see how we can save you money and generate new business.


Champ Bailey
President of Lead Company

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