Free Business Partnership Letter of Intent [Sample]

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Learn how to write a business partnership letter of intent. Use our sample business partnership letter of intent as a template for your letter of intent.

Business Partnership Letter Of Intent Sample


Name of Sender
Name of Sender’s Business if applicable
Address of Sender
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Name of Receiver
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Dear Name of Receiver,

This is a Letter of Intent that proposes to outline the partnership you and I discussed on DATE. I do not consider the terms and conditions stated in this letter as binding and am open to negotiation.

We have agreed that we will enter into partnership for the purposes of starting a catering service.

My main responsibility will be food preparation and purchasing, and your responsibility will be accounts and marketing.

We will pay ourselves and our employees a suitable salary and split any profits after salaries 50-50. We are still negotiating the amount of salaries.

We have also agreed to take out a Small Business Loan to cover the start-up expenses and will both be signatory for that loan.

We have together created a business plan that clearly states our intentions for the short-term as well as the next five years, and this plan has been approved by the bank.

I propose we meet in two weeks on DATE at the office of Name of Lawyer to confirm the salaries and sign a contract of partnership.

We can meet at a time of your convenience to discuss the points on which we have not yet agreed before we meet the lawyer. Please call me at 555-123-4567 or contact me at to set up a meeting.

This letter is a formal expression of intent to start a partnership with you to open a catering service.

We need to decide the main points of financial distribution and meet the lawyer to sign the contract.


Signature of Sender
Printed Name of Sender

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