Business Referral Letter [Sample]

Learn how to write a business referral letter. Use our sample business referral letter as a template for your referral letter.

Business Referral Letter Sample

[Kevin Logan]
[ABC Hotel]
[7806 Green Street]
[Oakland, CA, 19113]

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[July 16, 2021]

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[Sandy James]
[XYZ Resort]
[5435 Wonder Lane]
[Oakland, CA, 19113]

RE: Letter of Referral

Dear [Ms. James]:

This letter is to introduce you to [ABC Catering Services] and to recommend them for your next event. We have used [ABC Catering Services] for all of our weddings for the past five years, and they have always met or exceeded our expectations. 

Their food is excellent, and they arrive on time and leave the place spotless when the reception or formal dinner is over.

The chief chef, Andre, always discusses the menus for each wedding breakfast, reception or formal dinner in person with our clients, and is able to meet a variety of dietary requests with ease. This is the main reason there are no mistakes on the special day.

They have a courteous wait staff that is extremely attentive and often anticipate issues before they become problems. We make it a point to provide our customers with a smooth and flawless wedding reception, and [ABC Catering Services] has never let us down.

I believe you will find their services will enhance your next event. If you have any questions, I can be reached at [555-123-4567] or at [].


[Kevin Logan]
[ABC Hotel]