Free Business Solicitation Letter (Sample)

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Sample Business Solicitation Letter


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Steven Matt
ABC Charity
7806 Charity Road
Newark, DE, 19702

Maech 27, 2022

James Stewart
ABC Company
345 Mountain Street
Newark, DE, 19702

Dear Mr. Stewart:

I am writing this letter to you on behalf of ABC Charity. We provide toys, books, electronic equipment, clothing and food to children in need throughout the year.

Our aim is to help the children with some of the necessities of life, so they can focus on their education and improve their lives. We hold an annual fair at the parking lot of Name of Place to raise funds for our work.

We are requesting you to purchase one or more tickets to the fair to help us raise funds. Tickets are $25 each for adults and $15 each for children between six and 15 years.

Children under six years may enter for free. The fair has rides, games and food stalls, and has been a great success every year since its beginning in 2012.

This year, we have distributed food and clothing to 465 children and purchased 12 computers for high school aged children to help with their studies.

Through our efforts over the past 10 years, 42 of the children we supported have graduated from high school and entered college. Your business is a pillar of the local community, which is why we are asking you to join these efforts.

Please call me at 505-122-4557 or contact me at if you have any questions. 

I have enclosed a stamped, addressed envelope to make it easier for you to buy tickets, and one of our volunteers will visit you at your request to deliver the tickets.


Steven Matt
List of enclosures: stamped envelope