Car Loan Cancellation Letter [Free Sample]

Learn how to write a car loan cancellation letter. Use our sample car loan cancellation letter as a template for your loan cancellation letter.

Sample car Loan Cancellation Letter

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Name of Loan Officer
Name of Lending Institution
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RE: Requesting cancellation of car loan application #555321

Dear Name of Loan Officer,

This letter is a formal request to cancel the car loan application I filed with [Name of Lending Institution] on [DATE]. I also submitted the documents you requested for approval of the car loan on that date.

I understood when I called you on [DATE] that I will lose my application fee and that there is no cancellation fee.

Even though I was told by you that I would receive knowledge of acceptance or rejection within two weeks of the date I filed the application, I have not received any notice to date.

Since I didn’t receive notice during the time you mentioned, I made other loan applications to other lending institutions.

I have since been granted the type of loan I require, and would like to cancel the application I submitted to you.

I have completed and enclosed the forms you gave me for requesting a cancellation of my loan application, and request notification in writing that my loan application is cancelled.

I also request that you return all the documents I submitted to you with my application as soon as possible, so that I can submit them to the new lender.

Please contact me at [555-123-4567] or at to tell me when I will receive my documents or give me a time when I can collect them from your office.

Thank you for your quick attention to this matter.


Printed Name
List of enclosures: Cancellation Forms

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