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Learn how to write a car loan settlement letter. Use our sample car loan settlement letter as a template for your settlement letter.

Car Loan Settlement Letter Sample

Chris Bond
7493 Fairfield Way
Burton, Ohio 43844


ABC Collections, Inc.
Henry James
443 Brighton Lane
Burton, Ohio 43844

RE: Account #2K8488R43L9

Dear Mr. James,

My account regarding Capitol One Auto Finance has unfortunately been placed with your organization for collection. Obviously, I’ve not been able to pay down this debt and have therefore avoided any contact with your organization. 

But, this year I did receive a substantial tax refund and am very eager to settle this debt once and for all. The original Capital One account number associated with this loan was 585556587. The balance on my account when it originally went into collections was $2,895. 

But, with all the accrued interest and late fees, the balance on my last statement was nearly $5,500. At this time, I would like to offer a settlement proposal in order to clear my debt.

Because the original amount I owed was $2,895, I want to base my proposal off that specific figure. I want to offer a flat $1,500 on this account in order to settle it for good, which is about half of the amount I originally owed without calculating fees and interest. 

If you accept my offer, I also want this reported to the credit bureaus that it’s paid in full. I can pay this amount today over the phone with my credit card. Please contact me at your earliest convenience at 555-845-2135. I look forward to speaking with you soon and resolving this matter quickly. 


Chris Bond

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