Cease and Desist Harassment Letter [Sample]

Cease And Desist harassment Letter sample

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Debt Collector’s Name
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RE: Cease and desist contact of Account Number

Dear Debt Collector’s Name:

This letter is a formal request that you cease and desist contacting me. It is also formal notification that I will file a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission in STATE Attorney General’s office, and I will pursue civil and criminal claims if you do not comply.

It is my right according to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act Section 805(C) to request that you stop contacting me about my debt.

After receiving this notice, according to the above law, you can only contact me to:

• Tell me that any further efforts on the part of your company to contact me are being terminated.

• To inform me that your company may take specific actions that are ordinarily taken by debt collectors or creditors.

• If applicable, to tell me that your company intends to take a specific action.

Kindly cease and desist from contacting me immediately upon receipt of this letter.


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