Child Support Increase Letter [FREE Sample]

Learn how to write a child support increase letter. Use our sample child support increase letter as a template for your letter.

Child Support Increase Letter sample

John Down
1234 Main St. 
Your Town, Any State 12345

January 2, 2021

Dear Mr. Down, 

I am writing to request an increase in the child support ordered in Case #123456789. I am the custodial parent, Alice Brown. I have custody of two children, Joe and Jane Brown, whose father is Jack Brown. 

Child support was originally ordered five years ago, on 1/2/2016, when Mr. Brown was working at McDonalds full-time. At that time, our children were five and seven. 

They are now ten and twelve, and their needs have substantially changed. Jane needs braces and clothing items that she didn’t need before, while Joe has been diagnosed with ADHD and his medication is not covered by insurance. 

Mr. Brown has completed a vocational training course and now works as a welder. His income has tripled since the original order was put in place. I believe he is capable of paying substantially more in support than he currently pays. 

Please note that I have attached proof of my children’s medical needs, as well as proof of Mr. Brown’s employment as a welder. Please contact me if you have any further questions.

Sincerely yours, 

Alice Brown

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