Free Complaint Letter About Workplace Harassment [Sample]

Below is a sample complaint letter for harassment in the workplace:

Complaint Letter About Workplace Harassment sample

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Name of Recipient 
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Name of Organization 
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Dear Name of Recipient: 

I am writing this letter to inform you about racial slurs and vulgar jokes that have been directed at me for the past month by a co-worker, [Name of Harasser]. 

I hold the position of [POSITION] in the company and have been employed for two years, with excellent work evaluations each year.

The harassment began on [DATE] when I was first transferred to this department and he said he didn’t like having a nigger in his department. It has continued almost every day since.

On [DATE] he said I look like dark chocolate, did I taste as good.

On [DATE] he sent me an email that said I should be working in the jungle.

On [DATE] he sent a voicemail that said niggers didn’t belong in this company.

I told my immediate supervisor about the situation after the second incident but [Name of Harasser] has not stopped.

While most of the slurs have been verbal, I have the recordings of two voicemails and one email from [Name of Harasser].

I also have the collaboration of two witnesses, [Name of Witness one] and [Name of Witness two], who have heard the verbal abuse.

I want to bring to your notice that I am undergoing severe mental anguish and embarrassment at work that continues at home as tension and stress about coming to work the next day.

The harassment is affecting my relationship with my family and is affecting my performance at work because I know I could concentrate better if I was not afraid of when the next jibe would come.

I request that you kindly take up the matter and take any necessary action.

Yours Sincerely,

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Your Name

The victim may be diffident to write the letter, so it never hurts to get the help of a senior advisor that he or she trusts.

The victim should make several copies of the letter and sign each copy. He or she can send the letter to other parties if desired, once the formal letter has been received.

It is recommended to send a hard copy by registered mail, so the victim has proof that it was received. 

The victim should realize that when the human resources person investigates the incidents, the details would become public knowledge.