Free Complaint Letter for Defective Product [Sample]

Learn how to write a complaint letter for defective product. Use our sample complaint letter for defective product as a template for your complaint letter.

Complaint Letter For Defective Product sample

The consumer’s name
The consumer’s address
City, State, Zip Code

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The Contact Person’s Name Customer Service Department
The Name of the Company
The title of the Contact Person
The Company’s Address
City, State, Zip Code

Dear Name of Contact Person:

This letter is to complain about a remote control dinosaur that I bought on DATE, at LOCATION. 

I am requesting that you replace the toy with a new one as my child likes it very much and would be disappointed if it didn’t work properly. Otherwise, I would like my money back.

I paid with a VISA credit card and have enclosed copies of the receipt, credit card bill and warranty card with this letter. 

The toy worked well for two weeks and has stopped working. I changed the batteries and took it back to the seller, but he said there was nothing he could do. The warranty for the toy is for one year.

I look forward to your positive reply and will wait until DATE before seeking further assistance. 

I can be reached at Email Address or at Phone Number at any time during working hours. Thank you in advance for your quick attention to this matter.


Consumer’s Signature
Consumers Name Printed
Enclosed: receipt from the store, credit card receipt, stamped and valid warranty card