Complaint Letter to Hotel General Manager Sample

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Learn how to write a complaint letter to hotel general manager. Use our sample complaint letter to hotel general manager as a template for your complaint letter.


Complaint Letter To Hotel General Manager Sample

Andrea Jackson
92187 Summer Avenue
Bay City, CA 20706

June 15, 2022

Awesome First Hotel
2576 New Way Road
San Francisco, CA 22222
Attn: Tammy Pompeo – Hotel General Manager

Dear Tammy:

My family and I recently stayed at your beautiful hotel on the India Basin shoreline. I was excited for our trip, but our room was not as it has been in the past. 

I notified the shift manager, but she was less than willing to accommodate us in switching rooms, as your hotel was full.

She offered us a partial refund, but nearly everything in the area was booked solid. We booked our room for the week of May 19-25 but only ended up staying from May 19-may 21st.

When we first arrived, we got the room we always stay in, room 26. Upon unpacking our luggage, we noticed there were roaches in various locations in the room. We promptly notified the front desk and they sent someone to spray the room.

While the room was being sprayed we had to find somewhere to go for about six hours. The beds clothes were clean but had holes in them.

The staff on duty could have cared less that we were unsatisfied. The room was not clean and this non-smoking room had been smoked in.

We have been staying in your hotel for more than twenty years and have never had such service. Even though I had to pay for the entire week up front, we left after two days and went home.

I asked the front clerk for a refund but they were less than willing to accommodate. I would like a full refund of my money that I spent in your hotel that week. If can be sent to the address above.


Andrea Jackson

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