Computer Technician Cover Letter [Samples]

Learn how to write a computer technician cover letter. Use our sample computer technician cover letters as templates for your cover letter.

sample 1 – Computer Technician Cover Letter

Teri Haywood
1224 Column Avenue
Berkeley, MD 24707

August 5, 2021

Anne Hayward
Program Director
Software Services Corp.
123 Computer Lakes Avenue
Berkeley, MD 24707

Dear Ms. Hayward:

I am happy to learn of an employment opportunity in Software Services for a computer technician. 

I find it especially rewarding and challenging working in information technology companies, which is why I have been working in a IT company for the past five years.

In my career, so far, I have taken on more and more responsibilities so that I have extensive experience as a computer technician that is highly relevant to the position in your company including:

  • Provided timely and accurate updates to company’s problem management reporting systems
  • Performed printer installation, configuration and troubleshooting on the LAN
  • Maintained documentation for workstation assembly, workstation load, workstation configuration and quality assurance procedures creating reports as requested or needed
  • Electronically transferred customer and company information
  • Serves as a mentor to lower level computer technicians providing guidance during the troubleshooting process, training on new products and assistance in the development of their skills.

I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and discuss the requirements along with my qualifications in more detail. My resume is enclosed for your further consideration. 

I will call you in the next few days to follow-up and see if there is a suitable time to arrange an interview. In the meantime, you can reach me at (000) 555-1111 or by email at

Thank you for considering my application.


Teri Haywood
List of enclosures (resume)

Sample 2 – Computer Technician Cover Letter

Tammy Johnson
5499 Palo Alto Blvd., Apt. 905
Baltimore, MD 21206

August 5, 2021

James Pope
XYZ Byte Corp.
123 Computer Ave.
Baltimore, MD 21206

Dear Mr. Pope:


I saw your advertisement for a computer technician on facebook and knew I was perfect for the job. I have all the qualifications you requested and I am ready, eager and willing to work. As you will see from my resume, which I have attached for your review, I am well qualified.

Please take a moment and review my resume. I would love to get together and further discuss this position with you. I am available anytime during the day. You can reach me on my cell at 555-970-8976 or by email at advance for your consideration. 


Tammy Johnson
Enclosure: Resume