Free Debt Settlement Request Letter [Sample]

Learn how to create a debt settlement request letter. If the debt is still with the original creditor, use this template debt settlement request letter to make an initial debt settlement request.

Debt Settlement Request Letter Sample


Account Number: 123456789
ABC Credit Card Company
444 Harrison Lane
West Buford, Texas 67829

RE: Request payoff settlement of my account

To whom it may concern:

I am writing this letter that will serve as a formal offer to pay off my past due balance on my credit card of $680.00 with you, ABC Credit Card Company, account number 123456789.

Due to my financial hardship, I cannot pay the entire balance in full. But, I am able to pay a lesser amount that I think is reasonable given my dire circumstances.

I want to formally request that if I agree to pay a one lump sum of $400.00, my account will then be paid-in-full and I will no longer receive any more bills or letters to pursue action against me.

If you agree to this one lump sum amount, I’m also asking that you do the following:

• Immediately close my account so no additional penalty fees or interest is applicable.
• You send a formal written confirmation of this agreement to my address and keep a copy on file.

Upon agreeing to my proposal and after receiving your confirmation in writing, I will readily pay the amount of $400.00 within 10 days of receiving your written confirmation using a certified check.

Thank you for considering my proposal and giving it your prompt attention. Please contact me anytime at (164) 877-1234 to discuss this matter further.


Kelly Smith
38 Sunny Lane
Mountain View, Montana 89436

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