Do Moving Containers Make Moving Easier?

Moving usually takes more money, time and effort than anyone expects. If someone moves often, they may have the intricacies down pat and are able to make the move quickly and easily.

For everyone else, moving is a huge task, but there are ways to minimize the work. Moving containers may be the answer to reduce the cost of moving and partly lessen the hassle. The container company delivers the containers, the homeowner packs them, and the container company comes back and moves them.

When selecting a container company, consumers should compare the prices of several companies. Prices are usually based on the number of containers required or the amount of space required for the containers, and the distance the moving company needs to travel.


Consumers should also ask about insurance. They should check their homeowner’s insurance policy because it most likely covers the items in the container when it is on the customer’s premises or while it is in transit.

The customer should ask how much insurance is provided by the container company and is it included in the quoted cost or is it an extra fee.

If the company doesn’t provide enough insurance to cover the value of the items being moved, the consumer should buy more. In any case, the cost will be less than a full-service moving company and may even be less than a DIY job if truck rental, mileage and gasoline factor in the price.

Moving containers come in several sizes and many can hold an entire household of furniture. They make moving easier and provide many other benefits including:

• They are easy to load

Homeowners need not try to load a moving truck and navigate the ramp from the ground into the back of the truck while they are carrying a heavy box or the other end of a sofa.

The containers are on ground level, and the customer only needs to carry the items into the container and set it down.

• There are several options for packing and storage

With so many different sized moving containers, customers can move as much or as little as they need. Many companies will charge a flat rate no matter how many rooms are moved.

• Increased security

Moving containers are delivered to the consumer’s house along with the key. Once the containers are full, the consumer can lock them and they’ll remain locked until they reach the destination and need to be unpacked.

Some containers allow for the consumer to use their personal lock. Either way, the consumer is the only one with a key.

• Efficiency

The container company has special lift equipment that moves the containers into the truck.

It was designed to minimize jostling, so the items inside don’t shift around. There is less chance for breakage than if the consumer loads and moves cardboard boxes.

• Delivery options

Some portable moving container companies have the logistics necessary for moving their customers across the country and overseas.

For moving such a distance, this method would be much less expensive than having a full-service moving company handle the move.

For some people, it may seem like it would be a good deal to rent a truck and do the whole job DIY.

However, they should consider all the costs before deciding this is the best option. Along with paying for gas, the consumer will need to stay within the stipulated mileage allotted or pay extra.

He or she will need to get moving insurance, budget for meals and accommodation on the road, pay to have their automobile driven or towed to the destination and pay road tolls.

All of the above is included in the moving container company’s fee. Container companies often have personnel who will help unpack at the destination. This usually requires an extra fee, so the consumer should ask in advance.

Container companies will also store a container or two if necessary. Consumers get plenty of time.

Some companies give up to one month go get the containers packed. If more time is required, the additional charge will be made clear right from the beginning before a contract is signed.

The container will be placed on the property according to the customer’s instructions, within reason.

They are often placed in driveways, garages and front or back yards, if they are easily accessible.

Once it has been delivered, the wheels are locked and it cannot be moved until the moving company comes to load it into the truck.

This is why it’s important that the delivery person knows the exact spot in case the consumer isn’t home when the delivery person arrives.

There are some things that cannot be moved in a moving container. These include flammable or corrosive materials, live animals or plants, hazardous or toxic items and fresh or frozen food.

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