Email Asking for Job Openings Sample

Learn how to write an email asking for job openings. Use our sample email asking for job openings as a template for your email asking about job openings.

Email Asking For Job Opening Sample

Dear Lance:

I am writing as a fellow graduate of Ohio State University (class of 2011) and would honestly appreciate any understanding you might make available regarding McClain Educational Center.

I have been working as an account executive for almost 10 years, but due to the current market falls, I am looking to switch into a career path that is more human resources related, and at a company such as yours.

Although I have found great success in sales and marketing, I have recognized the characteristics of my labor I find most gratifying are all HR-related tasks. The following offers a few suggestions and highlights some of my qualifications:

•Solid Establishment in HR: As an account executive, I was accountable for numerous HR functions, including employing, questioning, the acquisition and preparation of new employees. 

I am a quick learner of multifaceted concepts and lawful issues; I am willing to enlarge these capabilities.

•Vibrant communication Style: I am proficient in constructing relationships, agreement and a joint sense of persistence. 

I am recognized for my capability to rapidly form trust with workers, arbitrate disagreements and inspire others into accomplishment.

•Understanding of Corporate Training: As a steady force, I have been persistent through my sales career. 

I have been involved in the design and conveyance of staff growth programs. Contented and knowledgeable are two of my top qualities.

I am able to deliver presentation to groups of all sizes, both small and large. I have directed hundreds of teaching seminars for varied listeners across all administrative levels.

Though I did not see any open positions on your website, I was wondering if there were any roles available that fit my qualifications that I could apply for. 

If so, I would love to submit my resume. If not, I hope you’ll keep me in mind in the future as positions open up. 

Kind regards,

Jennifer Stephens

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