Email To Ex Boss Asking For Job [FREE Sample]

Learn how to write an email to ex boss asking for job. Use our sample email to ex boss asking for job as a template for your email.

Email to ex boss asking for job sample

Subject: Job Application from YOUR NAME


I hope you and your family are well. You may remember I was employed at NAME OF BUSINESS as a data engineer for five years. 

When my wife was diagnosed with cancer, I left the job abruptly without proper notice to care for her.

She has fully recovered, so I would like to request to be rehired. I had good work reviews from my superior, NAME OF SUPERIOR, and hope you will consider giving me my job back.

I sincerely regret I didn’t depart the company in the best of conditions, but I was overwhelmed with grief and concern about my wife. If you rehire me, I assure you I will work hard for the long-term and not repeat my previous actions.

During the last six months, while at home caring for my wife, I took an online course to upgrade my IT skills. I believe I bring more skills to the job than I had when I left.

I realize the job I did is filled, but I would be willing to do any other job in the data processing or other department.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I can be reached at PHONE NUMBER or by reply to this email at any time and would be happy to meet you and discuss my request.



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