Example of Job Application Letter

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The application letter is a little more personal than the resume. This is the place to put anything additional the employer should know. If you just moved to the area, or have special training, you may want to put that in the letter. 

However; you don’t want to get too personal. In closing, always make sure to give them an invitation to call you and discuss the position further, as this will show you are serious about a position with their company. 

example of job application letter

Gregory Byron
1122 15th Street Apt. 27
Columbia, WA, 22771
(323) 555-3456

February 21, 2019

Robert Money
Computer Park Inc.
1122 Computer Way
Columbia, WA, 22772

Dear Mr. Money, 

I would like to apply for the position of POSITION available in Computer Park Inc. that is advertised in the NAME OF NEWSPAPER. I have NUMBER OF YEARS experience in this area and believe I have the qualifications and skills to fill the job. 

I understand the importance of this POSITION in the smooth running of the company and will do my best to maintain the high standards of Computer Park Inc.

I believe my skills and experience fulfill the qualification listed in the advertisement. These include:

• Work with others
• Manage other employees
• Professional skills

In my previous work experience, I have successfully handled the POSITION, however, I am changing my location, which is why I am applying to Computer Park Inc. I enjoy this type of work, which is one reason for my success. 

I believe that when you review my application and resume you will see that I am especially suited for this POSITION. If you have any further questions or require additional documentation, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Gregory Byron
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