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Sample Invitation Letter For Family Reunion

Dear Ones,

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Did everyone hear about Cousin Jason’s new baby girl? Jade Elizabeth was born on June 27 and she will be at this year’s family reunion and we hope you will too. 

Last years’ get together had more than 120 people from all across the country. There were relatives from Arizona, Florida, California and even Ohio.

This year we hope to have an even bigger crowd and some more of Aunt Millie’s prize pecan pie. We need plenty of help with games and activities for the little ones.

If you have any ideas we would like to hear them. Mark the date and get ready for the Miller Family Reunion.

This year the reunion will be held at the Shawnee State Lodge. The park is located at 1290 Clean Way in Denver, Colorado. The reunion will be on September 3rd, 20xx at noon.

The set up will begin at 11 am. and the food will be served promptly at noon. To cover the cost of the facilities and the chicken and mashed potatoes, we are asking each person that attends to bring $5.00.

This will be in addition to a covered dish and drinks for your own family. Uncle Thomas will be making hot dogs, brats and hamburgers for those who don’t want chicken.

Remember last year when Aunt Ida brought those homemade potato rolls? We are seriously hoping she brings those again this year.

If you are coming in from out of town there are several places to stay. The Shawnee State Lodge has rooms for around $125 a night. The ABC Motel also has several rooms and is in close proximity to the reunion site.

If you would like to help with anything from food to entertainment, please let Aunt Mary know by August 1st.

We look forward to seeing everyone there.

Signature of Host

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