Financial Aid Appeal Letter [Sample]

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Financial Aid Appeal Letter Sample

[Jane Hudson]
[123 North Lane]
[Rockford, IL 61101]
[Student ID number if applicable]

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[July 16, 2020]

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[Mr. John Williams]
[Harris College]
[5445 Autumn Lane]
[Rockford, IL 61101]

Dear [Mr. John Williams]:

I want to sincerely thank you for offering me financial assistance so that I may attend [Harris College]. However, the financial status of my family has changed dramatically since I submitted my application.

As previously stated in my application, my hard-working mother is a dedicated single parent. Unfortunately, she just lost her job since the company she worked for recently downsized.

Therefore, she cannot pay for my college education like we previously planned at the time I submitted my application.

Enclosed are copies of the appropriate documents that reveal her current employment position along with our monthly budget and expenses.

I have no doubt that my mother will soon find a good job and she is making every effort to do so.

If you need any more information from me or would like to contact me concerning this matter, I can be reached at any time at [(555) 123-5678] or at [].


[Jane Hudson]

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