Free Financial Support Letter for Family Member [SAMPLE]

Learn how to write a financial support for family member. Use our sample financial support for family member as a template for your letter.

Financial Support Letter For Family Member sample

Brenda Gilbert
49006 Gray Road
Dayton, OH, 43001

May 19, 2022

William Towns
Head Of University Admission Committee
Ohio University
4905 Green Road
Dayton, OH, 43002

Dear Mr. Towns:

My name is Brenda Gilbert, and I will be providing my nephew, James Wood, with full financial support during his course of studies at Ohio University starting on May 01, 2022. I understand that the cost of tuition is about $15,000 per semester.

I have included my bank statement from ABC Bank, Address of Bank to prove that I have adequate funds to support James Wood until he graduates in two years on May 01, 2023.


Brenda Gilbert

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