Free First Letter to a Pen Pal [Sample]

Learn how to write a first letter to pen pal. Use our sample first letter to pen pal as a template for your letter.

first letter to Pen Pal sample


Dear Pen Pal’s Name,

My name is NAME, and I’m 22 years old and have just graduated from college. I found your name on and learned from your profile that you are a graphic artist in India.

I have a new job as an intern in a graphic design company and will learn how to create advertisements for print and online media for our clients.

I thought being in contact with you would broaden my horizons and inspire my artistic abilities.

I love color and most of my portfolio is filled with brightly colored examples of design using basic shapes and sans serif font.

I have enclosed a small example of what I do. It’s one of my favorite samples from my work in college and would appreciate your opinion.

What type of design do you love? Do you include traditional Indian design in your work? 

I would enjoy discussing design with you and learning new things. Hopefully, my work and ideas can inspire you too.

Let me know what you think and, if possible, send me a sample of your work. Maybe together our creations will be much better than they would have been alone.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Your Signature

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