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Sample Influence Letter

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321 Smith Road
Boston, MA 02201
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Employer’s Name
Employer’s Position
Business Or Company Name
1234 Jones Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94120

Dear (Employer’s Name),

I want to thank you once again for speaking to me on behalf of the secretary position at (Company Name).

Once I heard about the various details of the job like the multitasking skills and filing tasks required for the job, I know that I am the right candidate for your position.

This job does require knowledge of two software programs that I have not yet learned how to operate.

However, I know that I have the skills and strengths to learn how to use them quickly and efficiently to do the tasks at hand. I worked part-time as a secretary at the XYZ business while in college, and I mastered several programs related to the job.

With the start date of the job coming in a few short months, I have been attending a few classes to learn how to work the programs for the job.

So far, I have learned much about the programs, and once the job orientation begins, I should have the knowledge needed to adequately run the programs.

Along with my other skills, I have the organization skills, technological skills, and leadership skills needed to become an important member of your staff.

I enjoyed the time spent speaking with you during the interview, and I appreciate you taking time from your day to speak with me. I hope to hear from you about this position soon.


(Printed Name)