Friendly Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

Learn how to write a friendly receptionist cover letter. Use our sample friendly receptionist cover letter as a template for your successful cover letter.

Friendly Receptionist Cover Letter Sample

Mr. John McCarthy
Hiring Manager
ABC Corporation
123 Anywhere Drive
Houston, Texas 77001

June 7th, 2019

Dear Mr. John McCarthy, 

I am happy to be contacting you about the receptionist’s position recently posted. I have many years of experience as an active administrative assistant at various large corporations as well as numerous small media-based companies. 

I fully understand the importance of being professional, focused, and very personable. I also understand that an excellent support staff is the lynch pin of virtually every successful business.

Throughout my career I have always demonstrated an exceptional ability for meeting critical demands and organizational objectives. I have worked in a number of settings that range from large to small and felt comfortable in either one. 

I am sure I could be a valuable asset working with your organization as well. I also have a special knack for dealing with very difficult customers. 

My past experience involves worked directly under the Vice President of Sirius XM Radio, and proficiently managed his day to day agenda in addition to the departmental needs of a somewhat smaller staff. 

I’ve also worked as an administrative consultant to several entrepreneurs and small media firms. This valuable experience inevitably fine-tuned my capabilities to work independently and to accommodate very specific needs for a variety of businesses.

Thank you for considering me and I look forward to your reply. 

Yours Sincerely, 

Jane Bowie
444 Anywhere Drive
Houston, Texas 77001
Mobile: (123) 123-1234

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