Gym Membership Cancellation Letter [Sample]

A gym cancellation letter is a letter in which the member asks for his or her gym contract to be cancelled. It can be tough to cancel a gym membership contract. 

You must draft a gym cancellation letter and ensure that it is submitted to the gym in time to meet the required notice period if you wish to cancel your membership. For your cancellation letter, use our sample gym membership cancellation letter as a guide.

Gym Membership Cancellation Letter Sample

Mike Smith
Membership Number: 123456
426 Gym Avenue
Laurel, TX, 10004


Terry Luck
Good Gym
325 Muscle Way
Laurel, TX, 100005

Dear Terry:

This letter serves as formal notice that I am terminating my membership in [Name of Club]. I was hurt in a car accident and am unable to exercise as I once did. 

If my physical condition prevents me from using the membership, I may cancel without paying the entire yearly dues, according to the contract’s terms and conditions.

My membership in [Name of Club] has been enjoyable, and I will continue to suggest it to my friends. 

I’ve attached a letter from my doctor advising me not to exercise weights for at least seven months. I’ve also attached a copy of my [Name of Club] contract, in which I’ve highlighted the cancellation procedure.

As you can see, I met all of the requirements, including the 30-day notification requirement. If you have any questions, please contact me at [Phone Number] or [Email Address]. 

I’d like you to confirm in writing that my membership in [Name of Club] has been canceled. Thank you for taking care of my cancellation so quickly.


Mike Smith
List of Enclosures: contract, doctor’s letter