Hardship Letter for Breaking Lease [Free Sample]

Use our sample hardship letter for breaking lease as a template for your hardship letter.

Sample Hardship Letter For Breaking Lease

Gina Clay
30 Hemmings Way
Crystal City, VA, 12345


Larry Brown
123 Landlord Road
Crystal City, VA, 12346

Dear Mr. Brown:

This letter is to formally notify you that I am required to break my lease before the stipulated termination date in the contract. My income has been drastically reduced, due to the death of my spouse.

In my lease contract, it gives provision for early termination if I notify you 30 days in advance, pay any outstanding rent and pay one month’s rent as a fee for early termination. 

The date you receive this letter will begin my thirty days notice, and at the end of that time on [DATE], I will give both the remaining rent and an additional full month’s rent. My forwarding address is [ADDRESS]. 

I will be available any day after 6:00 pm if you would like to view the house to determine that it is in good condition, so you can refund my deposit. 

You can contact me at [555-123-4567] or a [name@email.com] if you have any questions or requests for me. 


Gina Clay

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