High School Resume Tips and [Free Sample]

If you’re a high school student with little to no work experience under your belt, writing a well-rounded resume, or CV, may seem a bit intimidating. It may be easier if you view other examples of student resumes or read helpful tips on what you need to specifically include.

You almost certainly have a lot more information to offer on your resume than you believe. Even if you don’t have any official employment experience, listing alternative types of work such as yard care, babysitting, or even volunteer work is permissible and recommended. You can also include some of your personal and school activities.

Writing Tips for a Student Resume

Examine the following details to learn what to put in your credentials and descriptions, as well as how to get started on writing the perfect resume, regardless of whether you have any prior work experience.

1. Create an outline

Before you begin putting out the descriptions, make a short list or summary of every possible experience to include in your resume.

2. Keep your content as concise as possible

In most circumstances, resumes do not need to be more than one page long. Include your entire name, personal contact information, varied activities, and any work experience you have if applicable, as well as any abilities you have that are relevant to the job you’re looking for.

3. List all or any of your previous or current work experience

If you had a formal job, make sure to include that information. If you’ve never had a formal job, however, you can add any other activities you’ve done, such as shoveling snow, mowing lawns, pet sitting, babysitting, and so on.

4. Include both your personal and scholastic activities

Because the majority of high school students lack work experience, it’s more vital to concentrate on other elements of your life that demonstrate you have the right personality, character, abilities, and work ethics to thrive in a specific career.

Don’t forget to include any volunteer work, athletic endeavors, academics, and extracurricular interests. Also, make sure to highlight any leadership responsibilities you’ve held in these jobs, such as team captain or president of student council.

5. Promote Your Performance And General Attitude

Rather than how much job experience you have, potential employers are more interested in your overall attitude and general work practices. You can add a virtually flawless attendance record or a timeliness award, for example, because it is considered an achievement. 

Employers value punctuality in their employees. Also, if any of your coaches, professors, or bosses have praised you for your exceptional service or positive attitude, make sure to include that in your description.

6. Reveal all your achievements

Employers are looking for people who are known for contributing positively and helpfully. As a result, you should go over all of your previous experiences to see if there are any relevant accomplishments, whether they are related to sports, classes, or groups. 

List any advanced, difficult academic assignments as well, as these will show potential employers that you’re a dedicated worker with a sharp mind on your shoulders.

7. Use several action-based verbs

To communicate your skill base in a more dynamic manner, make sure to use active language when describing any of your experiences. Use action verbs like trained, served, organized, calculated, led, edited, developed, designed, created, researched, or wrote in your descriptions.

8. Proofread your work at least twice

It’s critical that you proofread your work thoroughly before submitting your CV to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling issues. It’s best to have someone else, such as a teacher, your parents, or a guidance counselor, check your manuscript as well.

high school Resume sample

Jennifer Thomas
Grove City, OH 43123 | 555-290-5924 | jennifer@gmail.com | LinkedIn URL


A very focused and responsible high school student who is certain to make a significant contribution in a customer service role that requires zeal, charismatic communication skills, and a strong work ethic.


Belmont High School
Grand Detour, CA
2019 – Present
GPA: 3.75


• Academic Honor Roll: 2019 – 2020
• National Honor Society: 2019, 2020, 2021

Work Experience

Junior Sales Associate, The Container Store

May 2019 – Present
• Restock and maintain inventory.
• In charge of training new associates to operate cash register and other store devices due to excellent track record.
• Outstanding customer service skills.

Child Care

2019 – Present
• Watch young children varying in age from 2 – 8 for three different families on weekends, after school, and on vacations from school.
• Create and implement educational and fun activities for young children.

Volunteer Experience

Running to Heal Race

• Help marketing efforts through social media, help register participants, set up booths, and clean up after race.
Grand Detour Literacy Program

• Manage book club for children age 10 and under, which includes storytelling.

Activities and Interests

• Avid piano player for 6 years
• Member of Girl Scouts
• 2-year member of Grand Detour Tennis Team

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