Honesty and Integrity Character Reference Example

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Learn how to write a honesty and integrity character reference. Use our sample honesty and integrity character reference as a template for your reference letter.

Honesty And Integrity Character Reference Example

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Presiding Judge or Magistrate’s Name given by the defendant’s lawyer

RE: Character Reference for [NAME OF DEFENDANT]

Your Honor,

The aim of this letter is to present the good character of [NAME]. We have worked together for the past 10 years as nurses in the Name of Hospital.

I can confirm that she is careful, considerate, efficient and dedicated to the well-being of others. She has received several honors for her dedication to her work including Nurse of the Year for three consecutive years.

She is well-regarded among all the staff at the hospital as a person of high integrity and honesty. We have been together in several emergency situations, and she has always conducted herself with common sense and compassion.

I am aware that she has pleaded guilty to DUI. However, I wish to express that she is not a habitual drinker, and this unfortunate situation was most probably one-of-a-kind.

She has expressed to me many times that she is extremely sensitive to her transgression and is sorry for it. I hope this letter will give you an idea of her good character and help her get a second chance to prove this was an unusual occurrence.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.


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