Hotel Booking Cancellation Letter [FREE Sample]

Learn how to write a hotel booking cancellation letter. Use our sample hotel booking cancellation letter as a template for your letter.

Hotel Booking Cancellation Letter Sample

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Dear Name of Receiver,

I made a reservation for the [Hotel Name] on [Address] for the year [Year]. The reservation number for this transaction is [C39093FG341]. 

I used the online system to make my reservations and the credit card used to book this room was a [MasterCard] with the last four digits of [7845]. I was charged a deposit of [$400], to my credit card, upon booking this reservation. 

Due to circumstances that are beyond my control, I am unable to fly to Las Vegas for this vacation and need to cancel my reservation. 

According to your hotels cancellation policy, I am entitled to a 100% refund, as I made my cancellation within 30 days preceding the reservation. 

I am requesting a cancellation at least nearly 60 days in advance so there should be no problems getting this reservation cancelled and a refund of my initial deposit. 

I would like the deposit to be put back on my credit card upon receipt of this letter and to cancel the reservations. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at my letter address or on my cell phone at 555-908-4569. I look forward to hearing from you soon. 


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