How can I get Paid to Travel the World

People who are paid for doing what they love, whether it is driving a racecar, landscaping parks and gardens or painting houses, are fortunate. They spend their days enjoying life and get a paycheck to boot. 

Those who enjoy traveling around the world, seeing natural wonders, eating new food and meeting new people, may wish it could be their full-time job and not just how they spend their vacation. 

There is hope for people who are filled with wanderlust. Here are six ways to be paid to travel the world.

The Traveling Industry

The most obvious way to be paid while traveling is to work in the travel field. Becoming a flight attendant is one option. It is hard work, but the perks are great for the attendant and his or her family. 

They spend time in many different destinations and only work about 80 hours per month. They also often get discounts on hotel rooms and car rentals.

Another option is to work for a cruise line. Employees go to a wide variety of locations and are paid. 

The hours are long and the pay is low, but employees get free transportation, accommodation and food.

Most cruise ships have separate areas for employees with dining halls, Internet cafes, shops, gyms, parties and organized activities. Jobs range from washing dishes to being a chaperone for tours on land.

Writing and Traveling

Travel writing is a big field that ranges from a personal blog to writing for a well-known guide. If a person is a fast, entertaining and accurate writer, they may be able to support their trips by writing freelance articles for websites or magazines. 

There are websites such as, and where writers may find freelance writing opportunities.

Writing for a well-known guide such as Lonely Planet or Fodor’s is hard work. The writer does get to go to exciting and exotic places, but he or she must keep meticulous data on hotels, transportation, maps of the area and often have unrealistic deadlines.

They need to be an expert on every location they write about. There are a lot of young people willing to work hard for little pay in this type of job, so it may not be easy to get a job. 

It is commonly known that this type of writing is no vacation. However, having said that, writers can make a living while traveling the world.

Creating a travel blog has good potential, but most of the successful ones take at least a year to get noticed before the money starts rolling in. 

It may be necessary for the person to gain some experience of traveling before he or she can write an informed blog.

They may also need to cover a wide variety of content from trekking in the Himalayas to a safari in Africa. 

A good blog should provide valuable information for people such as the accessibility of public transportation, personal experiences, things to avoid and things not to miss.

The blog should have:

• A catchy name
• Regular posts
• Promotion on social media

The writer should enjoy the subject because his or her enthusiasm will infect the reader. When the blog begins to be successful, the writer may be able to get free goods and services by reviewing products.

For example, the blog can promote a budget hotel chain in India, giving details of prices and accommodation. In return, the blogger gets free or greatly reduced rooms at certain times of the year.

Many bloggers start by spending their own money, and if they create a successful site, they are running their own business with marketing, site growth and finances. Unless the writer can handle everything, it may take two people to run a good site.

Teaching English

There are people the world over who want to learn English. This opens the opportunity for native English speakers to choose from abundance of jobs in Asia, South America and the Middle East, and most of them do not require that their English teachers speak the local language.

Most schools are looking for native English speakers who have at least a bachelor degree and can teach in a direct, interactive way such as through pantomiming, teaching concepts and using English exclusively.

It is a good idea for a teacher to get a certification in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) because they may appear to be a better candidate, but this is not mandatory for all schools.

Working Online

If a person has a job writing website content or other job that is completely done online, they can work from any café or hotel where they can get an Internet connection. 

This is not quite the same as being paid to travel, but it does allow the person to earn a living while traveling almost anywhere.

If a person likes traveling the world and would like to be paid doing it, he or she needs to do some planning first. 

Most jobs that include traveling are not easy and many require specialized training, such as a traveling nurse or teacher or special talent such as a musician on a cruise ship.

If the person has a skill such as scuba diving, surfing or other water sport, he or she may be able to find an instructor’s job at a choice vacation destination. The jobs that do not require special training are usually low paying.

It may take years of hard work and sacrifice before a person has a great time traveling while being paid for it. 

However, it can happen if the person invests his or her time and money to learn the ropes. With this commitment, it is possible to be paid to travel the world.