How Do I Get on College Mailing Lists?

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For those who are beginning the application process to different colleges, receiving letters from colleges is a good way for applicants to enlarge their knowledge in order to select the ones that are suitable for their needs.

However, once an applicant is on a college mailing list, whether email or regular mail, they will most likely receive a huge amount of mail.

College Entrance Exams

If the applicant has taken any college entrance exams such as the PSAT, ACT and SAT, they will see a place on the registration form that asks if the applicant would like their contact details sent to colleges.

This is optional, but will put the applicant on many college mailing lists. The colleges will not be sent the applicant’s scores and may have score limits, which means they will not receive the contact details from applicants who do not meet the limits.

The contacts they receive from this source will be put on the mailing list if they have certain traits the college is looking for, such as:

• Gender
• Racial or ethnic background
• Home state or country
• Prospective major
• Extra-curricular interests such as music or sports

Students who meet the requirements will receive an onslaught of mail that is friendly and inviting but is only intended to attract the student to apply and not a guarantee of admission.

Students who would like to receive letters from colleges before they take any college entrance exams need to write or contact the particular college of their choice. If they would like material from several colleges, this could be a laborious job.

Most Colleges

Most colleges will send potential applicants’ materials if they are requested. They can be requested over the phone to the admission office or by filing a request online. 

Colleges also often send representatives to high schools or participate in college fairs where the representatives will give literature about the college and answer questions.

College fairs are organized all over the country to enable students to speak directly to a campus representative. 

This gives the potential applicant the opportunity to mention extracurricular activities and other involvements that may distinguish them from the rest. At that time, the student can ask to be put on the college’s mailing list.

Get A Tour Of The Campus

If the applicant has taken any college entrance exams such as the PSAT, ACT and SAT, they will see a place on the registration form that asks if the applicant would like their contact details sent to colleges.

If it’s possible, the student can visit the college campus. This may not be easy if colleges selected for admission requests are from different parts of the country, but for the ones close by, visiting the campus is the best option.

The potential applicant will get a tour of the campus and be added to the mailing list. If the college is far away from the applicant’s home, the college will arrange an overnight visit.

Colleges spend time and money looking for accomplished applicants. If a student distinguishes him or herself on college entrance exams or with an excellent academic record, colleges will seek them out and will regularly send them mail in the hopes of attracting them to apply to their college. They will also send information about available merit scholarships.

Excel At Sports

Another way to attract the attention of colleges is to excel at sports, chess, music and other arts. 

Colleges that have a reputable tennis record will actively look for top tennis players to recruit. The same goes for football, basketball, track and field, swimming and many other sports.

The student may not even realize that they have been selected to receive regular emails and letters from colleges. 

In many cases, if the student excels in extra-curricular activities, it will double the student’s college correspondence. 

Not only will they receive recruitment mail from the admissions department of the college but also from the particular department connected with the area in which they excel.

Work Outside Of School

Colleges look for students who are doing worthwhile work outside of school. For example, students who participate in community service either through their school or other organization are attractive recruits for colleges.

This is because colleges are a small community, and they believe anyone who distinguishes him or herself in the field of humanitarian efforts will be an asset to the college.

Once a student initiates contact with a college, they can expect to receive regular letters. 

There are also other ways the college admission department may contact a student such as live chats, podcasts by faculty members about how the student’s main interest will be served in the college and through social media.

facebook forums

It’s easy to get noticed by a college and get on their mailing list through Facebook forums and student Facebook pages and other virtual platforms. 

For students who don’t have time to visit college fairs around the country, many colleges have virtual college fairs where students can get basically the same advantage as attending in person.

Some colleges offer personal websites where prospective applicants can have their own portal to the department they favor and receive news and links to profiles of other students in the field.

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