How Do You Involve Everyone in Planning a Family Reunion?

One of the best ways to involve everyone in planning a family reunion is to form a planning committee. This committee can be made up of family members who are interested in being involved in the planning process. 

Here are some tips for forming a planning committee:

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  1. Determine Committee Roles: Determine the roles and responsibilities of each committee member, such as budgeting, venue selection, or entertainment planning.

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  2. Hold Regular Meetings: Hold regular meetings to keep everyone informed and to ensure that everyone has a say in the planning process.

  3. Use Technology: Use technology such as group chats, email, or social media to keep the committee connected and informed.

  4. Set Goals: Set clear goals and objectives for the reunion, and work together to achieve them.

  5. Celebrate Progress: Celebrate the progress of the committee and the reunion planning process to keep everyone motivated and engaged.

Survey Family Members

Another way to involve everyone in planning a family reunion is to survey family members about their preferences and needs. Here are some tips for surveying family members:

  1. Use Online Tools: Use online survey tools to make it easy for family members to provide feedback.

  2. Ask Open-Ended Questions: Ask open-ended questions that allow family members to provide detailed feedback, such as “What activities would you like to see at the reunion?”

  3. Provide Multiple Choice Questions: Provide multiple-choice questions that are easy to answer and give you a better sense of what family members want.

  4. Encourage Honest Feedback: Encourage family members to provide honest feedback by ensuring them that their opinions will be heard and considered.

  5. Provide Updates: Keep family members informed about the survey results and how their feedback is being incorporated into the planning process.

Involve Family Members in Specific Tasks

To involve everyone in planning a family reunion, it’s important to give everyone specific tasks to complete. Here are some tips for involving family members in specific tasks:

  1. Create a List of Tasks: Create a list of tasks that need to be completed, such as booking a venue, organizing transportation, or planning activities.

  2. Divide Up Tasks: Divide up the tasks among family members and delegate responsibilities.

  3. Provide Clear Instructions: Provide clear instructions for each task, including deadlines and expectations.

  4. Celebrate Accomplishments: Celebrate the accomplishments of family members as they complete their tasks to keep everyone motivated.

  5. Provide Opportunities for Feedback: Provide opportunities for family members to provide feedback on the tasks they completed to help improve the planning process for future reunions.


Involving everyone in planning a family reunion can be challenging, but with proper communication and organization, it can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. 

By forming a planning committee, surveying family members, and involving family members in specific tasks, you can ensure that everyone has a say in the planning process and that the reunion meets the needs and preferences of all family members. 

With a collaborative effort, a family reunion can be a fun and memorable experience for everyone involved