How Does Your Career Affect Your Life Insurance Costs?

Your job or career can affect the cost that you pay for a life insurance policy. Insurance companies have a risk assessment table for occupations that are seem as high risk. 

These types of jobs will include a fire fighter, a police officer, a scuba diver and a pilot. Jobs considered high risk by insurance companies are those that can cause a policy holder to die in the course of their daily work.

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If you work in a high risk profession, the cost of a life insurance policy will be higher than a career that is low risk. 

This means that individuals who work in an office environment will pay lower costs toward a policy than individuals in a high risk career. However, there are ways that individuals who pay higher costs for a life insurance policy to reduce their costs.

Your career is one factor that determines the price you will pay for a life insurance policy. An insurance company will also have rates that are higher for smokers than for non-smokers. 

If you work at a job and smoke while at work you can lower your premium by quitting. You are still assessed a higher rate based on your occupation but will be lower than rates that are applied to smokers.

Stay Healthy!

Remaining healthy regardless of your job can also lower your cost for a life insurance policy. There are basic requirements that will need to be met when rates are set for a policy. 

One of these is a result from a health assessment. This health assessment will determine health indicator levels based on a laboratory test on a blood sample. A test can also be performed on a saliva sample from your mouth.

You can see a higher rate on your policy if you have high cholesterol levels or are overweight. You can reduce health indicators and lower the cost of life insurance by starting an exercise regiment. 

Engage in a sporting event such as running or jogging can also help you get into shape. Rates that are applied to a life insurance policy will be lower for a healthy person than an unhealthy person regardless of career or current job.

Take steps while at work to get yourself healthy. Options that you have are to refrain from drinking pop or soda as this contains high levels of sugar. Do not snack on processes foods that you can get from any type of vending machine.

When you do snack eat fruits such as raisins or cereals having vitamins to aid your health. You can also begin drinking tea as it is an antioxidant that will flush out many free radicals in your system. These are steps that you can take regardless of your type of job.


Getting exercise while at work can be done using a variety of methods. One way for you to do this is to use your lunch hour to walk. When you do this each day it is an easy way to burn calories. 

You can also get up from your desk and walk periodically, if this is allowed. Burning calories on a daily basis allows you to lose weight and build stamina. Walking is a task that an individual in any profession can easily do to increase their health.

Careers are a big factor to the price of life insurance but it is only one of many. Knowing how your life insurance rate is calculated allows you to make educated choices. These choices can then be utilized to improve your health and help lower the costs for life insurance that you need.

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