How To Address A Resignation Letter

When addressing a letter of resignation, the writer should make a point to follow the important rules mentioned in this article. By doing so, he or she ensures that the letter will reach the intended recipient. 

Moreover, there will be no questions about who wrote the letter, what the correct date of resignation is, or whether the person resigning followed proper resignation procedures.

First Part

The first part of the letter should contain, in the upper left corner, the full name of the writer. Below this, she should type her address, and below that, her city, state, and zip code. 

On the next line below, she should include her phone number, and on the last line below that, her email address. This information should be single spaced.

To begin a letter of resignation in this way follows the typical format for a business letter, which always opens with the name and contact information of the writer. It is especially important to include this information in a resignation letter.

contact information

By doing so the writer ensures that no questions arise about who is resigning or who wrote the letter.

Additionally, by including his contact information, the writer makes it easy for whoever receives the letter to contact him about any issues or questions.

Following the name and contact information for the writer, the letter should contain one space, or hard return, and then the date.

Ideally, the person resigning would draft the letter and hand it in or mail it on the same date to avoid any confusion.

Since with resignations dates can be very important, the writer should date the letter with the date that it will actually go out.

By dating a resignation letter, the person resigning makes the actual date of resignation clear. This helps to avoid any confusion concerning her last day of employment.

Following the date should be another space or hard return, and then the full name and contact information for the person the letter addresses, following the same format as the information for the writer just above the date.

follow the correct protocol

Here the writer should follow the correct protocol and chain of command set forth by the company from which he or she is resigning. 

The person resigning should address the letter to the person assigned to receive such letters. For a large company, it might not be the immediate boss of the writer.

It could be someone in a human resources department. The writer would also want to avoid addressing the letter to, say, the president of the company when chain of command dictates that a person resigning give that information to their supervisor. 

A person resigning from a position should check with his company to find out to whom a resignation letter should be addressed.

After listing the contact information, the writer should again leave one space or hard return, and then begin the letter with the salutation “Dear” and then the name of the person they are addressing. If the name is unknown, the salutation “Dear Sir or Madam” will suffice.

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