Fire Your Hair Client with This Free Letter Sample

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If you need to terminate a business relationship with a hair client, it is important to do so in a professional and respectful manner. 

Here is a template you can use to write a letter to a hair client to let them know that you will no longer be able to provide them with hair services:

Sample fire a hair client letter

Dear [Client],

I wanted to reach out to let you know that I will no longer be able to provide you with hair services. This decision was not made lightly, but I believe it is in the best interest of both of us.

I value the time we have spent together and the trust you have placed in me to take care of your hair. I am grateful for the opportunity to have served you and I hope you will be able to find another stylist who can meet your needs.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out. I will do my best to assist you in finding a new stylist and to make this transition as smooth as possible.


[Your Name]

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