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It’s all about establishing a well-balanced negotiation when writing a salary negotiation email after accepting a job offer. When you receive an offer, it’s likely that you’ll be overjoyed and want to take it right away.

However, it’s in your best interest to ensure that you’re fairly compensated for the position. If the offered compensation or salary isn’t what you expected, constructing this kind of email will necessitate that you take a sensible approach that won’t jeopardize your job proposal in any way.

Primary Points In Counter Offer emails

A job proposal counter offer email is the secret to getting a better job offer overall. Most hiring managers are open about negotiating the details surrounding a particular position.

Therefore, if you feel that the specifics or compensation of your potential employment aren’t fair based on your previous experience and what you can offer the organization overall, consider writing this kind of email.

Essentially, your counter proposal email should ideally address a number of primary points, some of which may include:

  • Thank the company for their job proposal
  • Ask for more negotiations
  • Clearly point out what aspects of the contract you would like to negotiate
  • Ask for the hiring manager’s response to your subsequent negotiations and your conditional statements

Job Proposal Counter Offer email Format

The general outline of your job proposal counter email should ideally follow the same format as a traditional business email for best results. 

Be sure to include the date, name, and work address of the individual with whom you wish to negotiate along with a professional greeting as well. 

At the very minimum, your email should consist of three paragraphs. However, the overall length will depend on the number of aspects of the position you are negotiating. In truth, there’s not an actual standard format for this kind of email. 

The following paragraph guide and sample email will help you get your email going in the right direction and hopefully lead you to a successful end result. 

Paragraph #1:

  • Politely convey your appreciation for the job proposal
  • Establish a tone by remaining sincere and direct
  • Express your keen interest in working for their organization
  • State how you can positively impact the company and emphasize your best selling points

Paragraph #2:

  • Point out the first part of the job proposal you want to negotiate
  • Name your counter offer
  • Justify your counter offer with plausible research facts and statistics and your desire for fair compensation

Optional Paragraphs

If you have more than one point you want to negotiate concerning the job proposal, use one paragraph per point you want to make within your job offer counter email.

It’s best to avoid putting every point of the negotiation into just one paragraph in a job proposal rejection email.

Address one aspect of the job proposal in each. Once you’ve addressed each aspect you want to negotiate, you’re ready to write the final paragraph of your email.

The Final Paragraph

  • Use modesty and respect when negotiating your requests
  • Restate how you can be an asset to the organization
  • Express how much you are looking forward to working for their company
  • If you’re comfortable with it, ask for a face-to-face negotiation or simply request a written reply if you are not

Below are salary counter offer emails you can use as templates:

sample 1 – salary negotiation email after accepting job offer Email

Subject: Lisa Brown – Salary Question

Dear Larry Johnson:

Thank you for graciously offering me the position for Medical Staff Administrator at Belford Hospital.

I am very pleased and honored to be given the chance to fulfill the position and flattered that you’re considering me as a top candidate.

Before I join your elite team, I am hoping to negotiate a somewhat higher salary base. While your salary offer is generous, I am looking for an annual salary of $56,000. 

I truly believe this dollar amount is more reflective of my current skills and past experience, which includes a full 12 years in the medical management field. 

I hope we can set up a meeting in order to negotiate my salary at your earliest convenience. 

I am available all week and can be reached on my cell phone at (444) 444-4444 or by email at

Again, thank you so much for this great opportunity and I look forward to finalizing the negotiations in the near future. 


Lisa Brown

Sample 2 – Salary Negotiation Email After Accepting Job Offer Email

Subject: Wesley Snipe – Salary Question

Dear Ms. Nancy Williams:

Henry Corp. appears to be a terrific organization, and this specific opportunity is exciting for me because I’m a perfect fit for Henry Corp.’s needs right now, and it’s a great opportunity for me to continue my professional development as a software engineer.

Thank you for taking the time to extend the offer. It’s a little disheartening because it appears to be a little lower than what I’ve found in my market research for similar jobs.

This is a fantastic opportunity, but I want to make certain that this relocation will advance my career. Is there any way to make this offer better so that I can accept it?

Again, thank you so much for this great opportunity and I look forward to finalizing the negotiations in the near future. 


Wesley Snipes

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