How to Prepare for and Conduct an Impressive Phone Interview

Managers have found it easier to conduct interviews over the phone than face-to-face intervention. A phone can make the interview go much faster and can be done any time of the day without hassle. 

Here are a few tips on preparing and conducting a job interview with a job candidate:

Prepare For The Interview

These are a few ways that you can get prepared for your phone interview:

– Know exactly what questions you want to ask before dialing the interviewee. You should also review their application, resume, and job description you will be discussing together. Remember, take a deep breath and relax throughout the entire interview.

– Pull up the candidate’s LinkedIn profile, resume, and other information you can use judge their skills and experience. However, you should also make sure that you have all the materials you need to conduct a successful interview, including a pen or pencil, a pad of paper for notes, and a work phone.

– Find a private and quiet place to conduct the interview. Preferably this can be an office, but you should avoid doing a phone interview in a train, car, or plane.

Conducting an interview in a quiet place is not only helpful for you and the applicant but is more professional. After all, even though you’re judging the applicant, the applicant is judging you as well.

Conducting The Interview

Here are a few tips for conducting the phone interview:

– Cut out distractions. Try to refrain from checking your email, sending texts, or scrolling through Twitter. Though these distractions can be tempting, try your best to stay 100 percent focused on the task at hand. As mentioned above, performing the interview in a quiet space can also help to cut out distractions.

– Write down notes. Even if you think you have perfect memory and you will be able to recall every detail of your conversation, you should still take notes. It does not matter if you type your notes or use a pen and paper, just be sure you are writing down the important information.

You should also take note of your overall impression of the candidate. This will help to jog your memory when you are discussing all the candidates and making your final hiring decision.

– Let the interviewee speak. You do not want to dominate the entire conversation. Most experts agree that interviewers should only talk for about 20 percent of the interview. Since your conversation will be fairly short, this is the best way to ensure you get the information you need to make your decision.

– Be patient. It is likely that there will be moments of silence during your phone interview. In most cases, the candidate is taking their time trying to craft their response before saying it out loud. This sort of thoughtfulness is a good trait to find, so be sure to make note of this. 

Additionally, you should not feel like you need to fill the silence in the conversation. Simply give the candidate the time they need to think through what they are about to say.

– Compare the person to their resume. During the phone interview, you can really determine the difference between those who tried to pad their resume and those who really have the skills to get the job done.

For every important skill listed on their resume, ask for a specific example that demonstrates it. This is the best way to see if they really have the knowledge that they stated on their resume.

– Act professionally towards the applicant. No candidate wants to deal with an unruly interviewer that either doesn’t call them for the interview on time or doesn’t show respect for themselves.

Make sure that you speak clearly to the applicant, as well as cut down on background noise if you work remotely. Additionally, it’s always a good idea to have a glass of water close by, since an interview can last for up to an hour or more. Remember, first impressions count!

– Let the applicant know what’s next. When you are finishing up the phone interview, make sure that the applicant knows what’s to come. This includes any follow-up instructions to apply for the job such as a background check, drug test, person-to-person interview, etc.

thank the applicant

However, don’t forget to thank the applicant for the time they spend participating in the interview, and give them a good phone number or email to reach you if they have any further questions.

A phone interview, when completed correctly, can provide a great way to find out more information about potential clients. If you prepare adequately and follow these tips, you will be sure to conduct an excellent interview.

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