How to Say Urgent in Email Politely

As someone who regularly communicates via email in a professional setting, I’ve often faced the challenge of conveying urgency without coming across as pushy or rude.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the importance of tone in conveying urgency.
  • Learn specific phrases that express urgency politely.
  • Gain insights from real-life examples.
  • Find out the do’s and don’ts of urgent email communication.
  • Free TemplateUtilize the provided template to simplify the process.

In this article, I’ll share my personal experience and strategies on how to say urgent in an email politely, ensuring your message is received well while maintaining a professional tone.

Step 1: Start with a Courteous Greeting

Example: “Dear [Recipient’s Name], I hope this email finds you well.”

Why it works: A friendly greeting sets a positive tone for the rest of the email.

Step 2: Clearly State the Purpose of Your Email

Example: “I am writing to discuss a time-sensitive matter concerning our upcoming project deadline.”

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Why it works: Directly stating the purpose helps the recipient understand the importance of the email.

Step 3: Use Polite Language to Express Urgency

Example: “I would greatly appreciate your prompt attention to this matter.”

Why it works: Phrases like “greatly appreciate” soften the request, making it more polite.

Step 4: Provide Specific Details and Deadlines

Example: “The final report is due by [date], and your input is crucial for its completion.”

Why it works: Providing specific details and deadlines helps the recipient understand the urgency and their role in it.

Step 5: Offer Assistance and Express Gratitude

Example: “Please let me know if you need any assistance. Thank you for your understanding and prompt response.”

Why it works: Offering help and thanking the recipient in advance shows consideration and respect.

Real-Life Example: In my role as a project coordinator, I had to remind a team member about an approaching deadline. By following these steps, I communicated the urgency effectively without causing any offense.

Do’s and Don’ts of Urgent Emails


  1. Be clear and concise.
  2. Use polite language.
  3. Provide context and deadlines.


  1. Avoid overly aggressive language.
  2. Don’t be vague about the urgency.
  3. Refrain from using all caps or excessive exclamation marks.


Conveying urgency in emails can be tricky, but with the right approach and language, it’s possible to be both effective and polite. Remember, the key is to balance assertiveness with respect and clarity with courtesy.

Your Thoughts: Have you ever had to write an urgent email? What strategies do you use to ensure your message is both urgent and polite? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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