How to Troubleshoot Slow Internet Connection

A slow internet connection can be frustrating, especially when you need to get work done or want to stream your favorite TV show. 

However, there are several things you can do to troubleshoot and improve your internet connection speed. In this article, we’ll discuss how to troubleshoot a slow internet connection.

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Check Your Internet Speed

The first step in troubleshooting a slow internet connection is to check your internet speed. There are several online tools, such as and, that can measure your internet speed. 

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If the speed test results show that your internet speed is slower than what you’re paying for, contact your internet service provider to report the issue.

Restart Your Router and Modem

Another simple troubleshooting step is to restart your router and modem. Unplug both devices from the power source, wait for a minute, and then plug them back in. This can sometimes resolve connectivity issues and improve internet speed.

Check Your Wi-Fi Signal Strength

If you’re using a Wi-Fi connection, check the signal strength of your router. The further you are from your router, the weaker the signal will be, resulting in slower internet speeds. You can try moving closer to the router or using a Wi-Fi extender to improve the signal strength.

Clear Your Browser’s Cache

Clearing your browser’s cache can also help improve your internet speed. Your browser’s cache stores temporary files that can slow down your internet speed over time. Clearing the cache can free up space and improve your browsing experience.

Check for Malware and Viruses

Malware and viruses can also slow down your internet speed. It’s important to regularly scan your computer for malware and viruses using an antivirus software. This can help identify and remove any harmful software that may be affecting your internet speed.

Update Your Router Firmware

Finally, check if your router’s firmware is up to date. Router firmware updates can sometimes improve the performance and speed of your router. Check your router manufacturer’s website for instructions on how to update the firmware.


A slow internet connection can be frustrating, but there are several ways to troubleshoot and improve your internet speed. 

By checking your internet speed, restarting your router and modem, checking your Wi-Fi signal strength, clearing your browser’s cache, checking for malware and viruses, and updating your router firmware, you can identify and address issues affecting your internet speed.